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On Spotlight: Ang Pamilya ni Gng. Erlinda R. Berdin

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   SAPAGKAT ang mundo'y
           bayan ng hinagpis,
    mamamaya'y sukat
           tibayan ang dibdib,
    lumaki sa tuwa'y
           walang pagtitiis,
    ano'ng ilalaban
           sa dahas ng sakit?...


   PARA ng halamang
           lumaki sa tubig,
    daho'y nalalanta
           munting di madilig,
           ang sandaling init,
    gayon din ang pusong
           sa tuwa'y maniig...




I Don't Know

TEACHER: "Good morning,
STUDENT: "Good morning,
TEACHER: "Our lesson for
today is about Biology,
 Boni, what is the scientific
name of coconut?"
BONI: "Cocos nucifera, ma'am."
TEACHER: "Very good!
Chari, stand up! What is
the scientific
name of papaya?"
CHARI: "Hindikus Alamus!"

Walang Wala
Math ang kasalukuyang
subject sa klase ni
Mister Danilo.
MR DANILO: "Dunggaw,
apat na mansanas,
bawasan mo ng dalawa.
Ilan ang natira?"
DUNGGAW: "Dalawa po."
MR DANILO: "Very good!
Gary, kung meron akong
 limang mansanas at
kinain ko ang isa,
ilan ang natira?"
GARY: "Apat na lang po."
MR DANILO: "Very good!
Anton, stand up!
May tatlo kang mansanas,
ang isa ay inilagay mo sa
refrigerator, ilan na lang
ang hawak mo?"
ANTON: "Tatlo pa rin po."
MR DANILO: "Bakit?"
ANTON: "Wala po kaming
refrigerator eh!"

MR DANILO: "I am your
teacher, I am good in
three languages."
PIKAW: "What are the
subjects you're good at?"
MR DANILO: "Oh, I like
Math and English."
PIKAW: "How do you
say 'good morning'
in Algebra?"


Weekly Update As Of February 21, 2005

 Welcome once again to NHS Alumni On-line Community Weekly Update.

In response to popular requests we will have the feature of The Family of Mrs. Erlinda R. Berdin “On Spotlight” for the remainder of the month of February. That's right! For another week and a half, the Family of Mrs. Erlinda R. Berdin will be our feature "On Spotlight".  From then on, we shall have future “On Spotlight” features posted for at least two weeks (beginning on April of 2005) which was previously intended to run only as a weekly feature. And in fairness to those who have been featured last January and the first week of February 2005, we shall be posting their feature once again on the weeks to come.

Again thank you everyone for your wonderful comments regarding "On Spotlight" feature.
Their significant life-achievement is a truly NHS pride that we can all be proud of! Once again, we invite everyone if you know of a graduate or NHS student of distinction and have achieved noteworthy career or academic success,
PLEASE... PLEASE pass it on to US! 

Ang captions sa larawang nasa itaas nina Ginoo at Ginang Berdin ay hango sa
 Florante at Laura “Kay Selya” ni Francisco Balagtas.

Administrator's Notes As of 02/21/05:
By Chona Villafuerte-Go
NHS Batch 1986
Website Administrator

For the past few months we are officially online, I have been immersed in our on-line community, and I suspect my reactions are not unlike yours when you first joined Novaliches High School Alumni On-line community: a mixture of pure excitement, immense curiosity, and a humbling sense of the vast inspiration surrounding me.

I knew that our alma mater Novaliches High School was indeed a great institution—but I am not sure if I realized the enormous scope of its extraordinary energy. I can feel it in every corner, at every level of its members – the successful NHS faculty, graduates, students, family and friends, and it is indeed a great honor knowing I belong in such an environment.

The online guestbook and member comments contained far too many insightful comments to list them all. However, below are a few that I found quite representative:

Sonia Julieta Cuady-Juatco Batch 1968:
"Glad to visit your website and will be happy to re-connect with old friends and classmates thru this website.
Will appreciate updates of information, reunions, news about former teachers and classmates-their contact information and whereabouts or organizations they are now connected with."

Sergio Lugod Batch 1969: "I hope to see more classmates from Class of 1969 sign up here and reminisce. Maybe we can have some sort of reunion in the Philippines."
Reynaldo Sta. Mina, Jr Batch 1984: "This is very good. For the longest time, I have been wanting to be part of an on-line community for all NHS alumni. I finally found it! Whoever spearheaded this should be commended. Thank you very much!"
Eustacio Villafuerte Batch 1977: "To my sister Chona, what a great website to connect with old friends and reminisce the good old days! Thank you."
Oscar M. Velasco Batch 1975:"cool site, maraming salamat kung sino man ang may idea nito, magandang pangtanggal ng homesick. regards sa mga 1975 graduates."
Alberto Z. Castañeda Batch 1984: "I am really happy and excited on this NHSA website. It could help us to know the activities or history maybe of our alma matter."
Alex Gonzales Batch 1984: "It's amazing! With this wonderful site, reminiscing and reuniting with old friends is just button away. Congratulation to all who have made this possible."
Marinela P. Almeda Batch 1995: "Let us make this website successful... you can contact me anytime and Im willing to help."

Connie Villafuerte-Tungpalan Batch 1981: "Hope to hear more from fellow alumni and also from our former & current teachers/administrators. Nice job, sis."

Dan Ashner L. Dayao Class Year 1998-2002: "Well hopin' to find my old friends here even though i didn't finish highschool here...hoping to see them again. Also to get any information about the past class years."

Josephine Reyes-Esperanza Batch 1990:
It's nice to have someone who really devoted time, money and effort just to make this site. Congrats"

Maricris Raymundo Samarita Batch 1997:
"This is great!
hope that we would able to invite more and let's keep NHS rule!"
Santos N. Godornes, Jr. Batch 1994:
"The idea of having a website for "Public" is quite brilliant.
I hope we could sustain it
all together."

Ana Aileen Taylan Rosete Batch 1996: "This was really a great job! This will realy keep us together...product of NHS!"
Rachelle Erika Libunao Dancel Batch 2005: "hey guyz! este mga ate at kuya.. di pa po me graduate ng NHS- im one of IV-Narra students under Mrs. Pacaigue at present and the Supreme Student Council President... Juz want u to know na super galing pla talaga ng mga galing ng NHS lalo na sa may gawa ng site na to.. congratz po! un lang..."
Gerry F. Bayona  Batch 1975: "Thanks for putting this together. I have been looking to have some forum such as this to hopefully find old friends."

Benjie De Vera Canonoy Batch 1984: "Kudos to the one who conceptualized and brought to reality this amazing website for NHS alumni. This is one great step toward reuniting graduates of "Pablik" (from different batches). Hope you can spread this wonderful news to our fellow alumni. Gob bless!!!"

Jay Flores Batch 1990: "Ang GALING, ASTIG!!!! sana maging daan ito para muling magkasama ang mga nagkalayo!!!!"

I now understand the implications behind all of these comments. The seriousness of the work, the tremendous impact this on-line community has on the world at large, and the delightful sense of humor that permeates its faculty, students, and alumni all add up to what I have already found to be a wonderfully warm and supportive, thriving NHS Alumni on-line community.

I am deeply appreciative of your comments, your advice, your offers of assistance, and your confidence on me being your website administrator. Already, I feel I am among kindred spirits, and I know that very soon I will be among many friends. I look forward in getting to know all of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

Thank you for all your posts... We look forward to see more members joining us on our Message Board!!MORE POWER!!

Individual Class Year Messages
We have just added this new topic so anyone can leave their own batch year a message…see you there!
Class Year 1968 (Author: Pet (Licarte) Vaughn-Canton) 
Class Year 1968-1969
(Author: Hernani del Rosario)
Class 1982 (Author: Joey Ordonez)
Class Year 1985 (Author: Janette Ellson-Espinosa)
Class Year 1986
(Author: Chona Villafuerte-Go)
Class Year 1987 (Author: Jaime Balanay)
Class Year 1990 (Author: Jonathan Castro)
Class Year 1991
(Author: Elizalde Muyon)
Class Year 1994 (Author: Florescel Rodriguez-Laparan
Class Year
2001 (Author: Mark Rone)

January On Spotlight Features:
1/5/05 (The Ramadan Boys Batch 2005)
(Rachelle Erika Libunao Dancel Batch 2005)
(Gerry Bayona Batch 1975)
February On Spotlight Feature:
2/7/05 (Elizabeth Ellson-Fernandez Batch 1984)
(The Family of Mrs. Erlinda R. Berdin - NHS teacher 1974-2000)

Welcome Incoming March Moderator - Mike Bote Batch 99 (Author: Chona Villafuerte-Go) Like always, NHSA On-line Community is truly grateful to all our Moderators and would like to offer a sincere “great job salute” to Mr. Benjie Canonoy Batch 1984 (our current NHSA Message Board Moderator for the month of February 2005) and of course… A hearty Congratulations & Best Wishes To Mr. Mike Bote Batch 1999 Incoming “March Moderator”! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! Please take a moment to peruse his profile – it is quite illuminating, you’ll see!Smile

Ang Mga Favorite Hang-outs/Gimikan Ng Mga Taga-public (Author: Joey Ordonez) 
Joey Ordonez wrote: "During my time (1978-1983) kasi, bakery sa TS Cruz, tindahan ni aling onang (nasa tapat ng gate ng NHS sa quezon st.), mang sergio sa bayan (for da boys), basketball courts sa mga tabi-tabi at ang tropical hut sa may simbahan"

Close Encounter With Mam Berdin…(Author: Nino Benisano)
Nino Benisano wrote: "Guys this forum is for us to share to our fellow alumni our experience(s) with mam berdin to show kung paano nya tau naimpluwensiyan at gaano tumatak sa mga puso ntin ang mga aral n natutunan ntin s kanya comedy drama or action man... so umpisahan ko ok?"

About Mr. Cesar Sta. Maria (Author: Roel Cancio)
Wondering what happened to Mr. Sta. Maria - Asst. Principal during the 80's, then you've just got to read this!!

Lost Friends For The Month of December 2004
Lost Friends For The Month of January 2005
Lost Friends For The Month of February 2005
If you have any information about any one of them, PLEASE let us know! Let’s help our fellow members find their lost NHS friends…

February Birthdays (Cathlyn Mel Imbao Cando Batch 2003, Jess Nunez Batch 2000, Jose T. Ignacio Batch 1981,
Rommel C. Garcia Batch 1999)
February Wedding Anniversaries (Janette "Jeng" Ellson-Espinosa Batch 1985, Roel Cancio Batch 1982,
Bobby A. Hernandez Batch 1983)
We hope you’ll take a moment and greet our fellow members on their special day. Thank YOU!

Job Opening:(Author: Mike Bote)
For Immediate Hiring in the Phils: Distributor Specialist/Area Sales Manager Company: Green Cross, Inc. - manufacturer of Zonrox, Green Cross Alcohol, Lewis and Pearl Cologne, Del Fabric Softener, Glide Ironing Aid, and Greenex  

Question on PDF
(Author: Norman A. Garcia)
Need help in saving  a bunch of doc – xls, ppt and images all in a single pdf file for presentation purposes!
CIA - COMPUTER INDUSTRY ACRONYMS (Author: Chona Villafuerte-Go)
Ten Commandments For Stress Free Programming (Author: Cindy Bautista)
Computer Error (Author: Username - Aimagene)
Software Upgrade (Author: Mercedita Bontoc)
Computer Password (Author: Joseph Paras)

Thanks For The Warm Welcome
(Author: Gerry Bayona Dec-Jan Moderator)
Welcome Feb. 2005 Moderator Benjie Canonoy Batch 1984 (Author: Chona Villafuerte-Go)

Let's do something great for the old NHS!!
(Author: Hernani & Erlinda del Rosario)

In Response to "Gerry Bayona '75 Thank You Message:"Perhaps this venue that Chona put together is a beginning of something wonderful. Let's all have fun in these forum. Let the lighter side of things come through. Let's find our old friends. Let's communicate. And, perhaps along the way we can get organized and do something great for the old Novaliches High School."

Currently On NHS
(Author: Rachelle Erika Libunao Dancel)
Read about what’s been happening in Novaliches High School

Edward Logan Batch 1993 - International Human Rights Advocate
(Author: Norman A. Garcia)
Edward Logan is the youngest Filipino -American human rights advocate ever to participate raising awareness in the international community about the North Korea Freedom Act of 2003

Mr. Romeo Salvador Batch 84 (Author: Roel Cancio)
For all of you who want to have their special occasion recorded professionally, we recommend that you check out his studio in the Phils.

Launching gig of NHS Band (Author: Norman A. Garcia)
Last Feb. 10, Thursday, 7 PM onwards at Booze Stop Bar & Grill. Yes all band members are present student of Pablik. Let us support them. They could be the next Inertia!

NHS Career Talk '05 Matagumpay (Author: Norman A. Garcia)
Matagumpay na naidaos ang NHS Career Talk noong ika-18 ng Enero, 2005 sa Covered Court (dating Quadrangle) ng paaralan.

Around The House: Roachless (Author: Jaime Balanay)
Tips para sa maraming ipis!

Kuwentong Dugtungan (Author: Chona Villafuerte-Go)
Rules: Ituloy ang kuwento sa pamamagitan ng pagdagdag ng limang (5) salita lamang, walang labis, walang kulang. “Noong unang panahon may isang…”

Pinoy/Tagalog Movie Titles in English (Author: Joseph Paras)
Badly titled movies ng pinoy which we can't help but literally translate them in English, and it sounds REALLY funny! Plus a personal view of what's been happening to our Philippine entertainment.

Ngiti Naman! English Tagalog Translations (Author: Arlene Hipolito)
It’s a forum filled with jokes and even the less famous proverbs…This is a must see, we dare YOU!
A Name Game Just For Fun! (Author: Alexander Domingo)
Anybody who wants to change their names to a more celebrity-sounded one? Then you've got to read this...
Mumunting Salawikain! (Author: Mercedita Bontoc)
Para sa lahat, lalong-lalo na sa mga kababayan nating nakakalimot na!! Basahin ninyo itong mabuti, mamaya may test kayo!!

[ Poll ] Mc Donald's or Jollibee? (Author: Cindy Bautista)
"Did you know that the Philippines is the only country in the world where McDonalds isn't the number 1?" Quoted from Norman A. Garcia's response to the poll

A Survival Guide To Pinoy Christmas (Author: Username - Almater)
Happy Holidays From Matthew & William Go
(Author: Chona Villafuertre-Go)

December 2004 New Members
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January 2005 New Members
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, Page 2]
February New Members
[Page 1, Page 2]
See who just joined in, maybe you’ll even find your long lost friends here…check them out!

In Memoriam:
Hilario Robles '93 (Author: Norman A. Garcia)



(Babala: Dahil sa popularidad ni Gng. Berdin at bilang sagot namin sa napakaraming kahilingan at pakiusap mula sa mga miyembro ng ating kaluguran, ang feature nating ito tungkol sa Pamilya ni Gng. Berdin ay patuloy ninyong matutunghayan hanggang sa katapusan ng Pebrero. Maraming salamat PO!)


"Ang Pamilya Ni
Gng. Erlinda del Rosario Berdin..."

Sapagkát Araw ngayon ng mga Pusò, hayaan ninyong ipagpatuloy natin ang tema ng mga pusò. Alám nating kung may Heart of Gold ang isáng tao, siyá ay napakabaít, matulungín at mapagkawang-gawâ. Si Gng Erlinda R. Berdin sampu ng kanyang pamilya ay natatangi dahil sa kanilang mga napiling propesyon...mga propesyong kinakailangan ay mga taong may ginintuang puso - mabait, matulungin at mapagkawang-gawa.

Lubhang mapalad tayo ngayon sa "On Spotlight" dahil nabigyan tayo ng pagkakataong lubos pang makikilala ang ating ginagalang at kinahahangaang guro na si Gng. Erlinda R. Berdin...


Ang Pamilya Berdin:
(Nakatayo mula sa Kaliwa):
Roger Lionsid at ang kanyang asawa si Jacqueline, Racelyn, Rodelyn, Rogelyn at anak na Angelynd, at si Roger Jr.
(Sa Harapan mula sa Kaliwa):
Joelle, Ginoong Roger Berdin kasama ang apong si John Rhyss, si Ginang Erlinda R. Berdin kasama ang apong si Ajie
Babala: Wala sa larawan ay si Johnny asawa ni Rogelyn,
at ang mga bagong panganak na apo na sila Earl john (anak
ng mag-asawang Johnny at Rogelyn) at si Angelika (anak
ng mag-asawang Roger Lionsid at Jacqueline)


Sino nga ba ang maaaring makalimot sa popularidad ni Gng. Erlinda R. Berdin? Siya ay kilala bilang disiplinado at epektibong guro. Siya ay namumukod tanging IV-1 Adviser at pangunahing alagad at guro ng Pilipino sa Mataas na Paaralan ng Novaliches mula 1974 hanggang taong 2000.   Siya'y natatangi dahil sa kanyang marubdob na pagsisikap upang mapalaganap ang paggamit ng wikang Pilipino. Talaga namang napasigla niya ang paggamit ng kanyang mag-aaral sa Wikang Pambansa.

Samahan ninyo ako at balik-tanawin natin ang magandang talambuhay ni Gng. Erlinda R. Berdin. Nawa'y magsilbi itong gabay at inspirasyon sa ating lahat upang ating makamtan ang kasaganaan at biyayang laan para sa atin ng Maykapal...

Isinilang si Gng. Erlinda del Rosario Berdin noong Marso 30, 1939 sa Lugam, Malolos Bulacan. Nag-iisang anak
na babae ng mag-asawang
Nicanor del Rosario (US Army Soldier noong World War II na kasamang nabawian ng buhay noong Bataan Death March) at ni Julita Caparas-del Rosario na hanggang sa kasalukuyan ay mapalad na biniyayaan ng Maykapal na mamuhay ng masigla sa Malolos Bulacan.

I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!
Nag-aral si Gng. Berdin sa Colegio de Nuestra Sra. Del Carmen (na ngayon ay Carmeli-La Consolacion College Branch) sa Barasoain, Malolos, Bulacan at nagtapos sa elementarya at high school bilang valedictorian at isang matagumpay na manunulat at mambabasa ng kanyang panahon.

Sa kanilang barrio noon 1960, si Gng. E. R. Berdin ang kauna-unahang nagtapos sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Siya ay nakatapos ng Bachelor of Science sa Edukasyon sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas Class of 1960, MA sa Edukasyon sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas at sa Far Eastern University.

I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!

Kasaysayan Sa Pagtuturo ni Gng. Berdin (Teaching History)
Taong 1964-1967  QC High School, Kamuning (Unang high school o mother school ng lahat na QC High Schools sa dibisyon)

Taong 1967-1974  QC Science High School, isa sa mga pitong guro na napili mula sa iba-ibang mataas na paaralan at subjects. Filipino Department Head, Senior Class at School Paper Adviser.

Taong 1974-2000  Novaliches High SchoolIII-1 adviser sa unang taon at naging IV-1 adviser ng kasunod na taon, School Paper (Ang Talisman/ The Reservoir) Adviser, Dean of Discipline, Composer ng ating Alma Mater Song at School Prayer.

Mga Natatanging Karangalan:
-Division of QC Curriculum Writer
-Outstanding Teacher ng NHS, 1995
-Book Writer sa  Filipino para sa Fourth Year (abridged Rizal's Noli & Fili, Sinag IV & Likha IV at corresponding Workbooks).


I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!



Si Gng. Erlinda R. Berdin  ay nakaisang-dibdib ni ROGER BERMUNDO BERDIN ng Bacacay, Albay noong 1962 (Hulyo 17, kasal na civil at  Oktubre 1 sa simbahan), nagtapos ng BS Commerce
sa FEU. Matagal siyang konektado sa a trucking company, Fortune Tobacco Phils. bago tuluyang nakapagtrabaho bilang “OCW”  mga sampung taon sa  Riyadh at Jeddah, KSA. Matapos noon ay namahala siya sa Copra Plantation na kanyang namana sa kanyang pamilya, siya rin ay SSS pentioner, at madalas na nagliliwaliw sa Austria kasama ni Gng. E. R. Berdin.

Si Gng. Berdin ay maagang nakapag-retiro sa edad na 60 lamang sa paguudyok na rin ng kanyang mga minamahal na anak at ng mga pinag-kakaabalahan niyang mga apo para siya ay magkaroon ng panahon na makapaglibot at makabisita sa kanyang mga anak na nasa iba-ibang sulok ng mundo.

I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!


Si Gng. Berdin kasama si Irene (asawa ng anak niyang si Roger Jr.) at si (Jacqueline asawa naman ng anak niyang si Roger Lionsid)

ROGER, Jr. (ROY). (pinanganak noong 1962), nagtapos ng high school sa NHS batch '78, enlisted personnel Phil Navy, ISAFP, kasalukuyang nasa Saipan, Boarding at Cargo Agent ng Saipan Shipping Company CNMI, siya ang tagapamahala ng mga vessels na nagmumula sa Japan. Napangasawa niya si Irene Medalla na taga Lungsod Quezon, guro at assistant administrator sa  Sto. Nino de Novaliches School sa Novaliches.

I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!

ROGER JOHN (pinanganak noong 1963), na binawian agad ng buhay matapos lamang ang walong buwan.

MA. ROGELYN (pinanganak noong 1969), nagtapos ng high school sa Our lady of Grace Academy. Nakapagtapos ng  BS Dentistry sa Univ. of the East, Private Practice-dentist/orthodontist sa  Novaliches. Napangasawa niya si Johnny Marcadejas na taga- Pangasinan, dating University of the East Basketball at PBL Player, kasalukuyang Bar Waiter sa Royal Carribean Cruise Line. Sila ay mapalad na nagkaroon ng tatlong anak: Ma. Jhoana Lyd (13 anyos), Ma. Angelyn (6 anyos), Earl john (1 taong gulang).

Marcadejas Family
I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!

MA. RODELYN (pinanganak noong 1974), nagtapos ng high school sa NHS batch'91, BSPT  sa University of the East, Private Practice PT at commisioned officer (2nd Lt), Medical Administrative Corp sa AFP bago siya nagpunta sa Amerika. Kasalukuyang  Licensed PT sa Texas. Dati ay sa  Aegis Therapies at Kindred Rehab Services at sa kasalukuyang naman ay nasa RehabCare Group's Skilled Nursing Facility sa Galveston, Texas.

I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!

MA. RACELYN-LEDL (pinanganak noong 1975),nagtapos ng high school sa NHS batch '91, BS Nursing sa Chinese Gen Hosp School of Nursing, kasalukuyang nasa Vienna, Austria matapos ang kanyang kolehiyo. Siya ay may Diplomiette Gesunde-und Krankenscwester at kasalukuyang nasa Geriatriezentrum Baumgarten mga anim na taon na sa ngayon. Siya rin ay citizen na ng Austria.

Austria '04
I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!

ROGER LIONSID (pinanganak noong 1977), nagtapos ng high school sa NHS batch '93, BSPT sa St. Jude College, siya rin ay  aspiring officer ng NAPOLCOM. Napangasawa niya si Jacqueline Reyes (NHS batch '93, Valedictorian at Miss Alma Mater, Editor in Chief na ngayon ay nasa Vienna, Austria na rin). Sila ay mapalad na nagkaroon ng tatlong anak: Arnel Jay (11 anyos), John Rhyss (5 anyos), Angelika (1 anyos).

I-click ang litrato
para  makita ito
ng mas malaki!

Isang GURO, "OCW", SUNDALO, NURSE, PHYSICAL THERAPIST, DENTISTA...hindi ba't lahat ng propesyong ito ay maituturing na bayani ng ating bayan? Ang mga Pilipino ay may tunay na konsepto ng isang pagiging bayani. Matapos nating kilalanin ang buong pamilya ni Gng. Berdin. Tanong ko lamang naman ay: "Ano nga ba ang kahulugan ng salitang 'bayani'?" Di ba't ang mga bayani ay siyang may malasakit sa kanyang mga kasama. Nagtataguyod ng mga bagay ukol sa kanyang pinagmulan. Higit sa lahat alam natin, na hindi lamang ito tumutukoy sa katapangan kundi sa talino, katapatan at kakayahang nasubukan at napanday sa aktwal na labanan.

Ang PAMILYANG BERDIN tulad ng salitang bayani ay tunay na may sariling kasaysayan....

Mula sa lahat ng miyembro ng Novaliches High School Alumni On-line Community, binabati namin ang Pamilyang Berdin ng Mabuhay!! Isa kayong "tunay na inspirasyon"...

PAHABOL: Maraming salamat kina Rodelyn at Racelyn Berdin  sa kanilang tiyaga at panahong inukol sa pagkalap ng mga larawan at ng mga impormasyon tungkol sa kanilang inang si Gng. E. R. Berdin gayun din sa kanilang buong pamilya….Muli ang taos pusong pasasalamat ng marami sa lahat ng inyong tulong!

(Ang May Akda sa On Spotlight ngayong Pebrero 14, 2005:
Chona Villafuerte-Go NHS Batch 1986)


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