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Monthly Update As Of September 11, 2005


Monthly Update As Of:
September 11, 2005

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Administrator's Notes
Administrator's Notes

Welcome once again to Novaliches High School On-line Community Update as of December 7, 2005


Yes, it was a year ago today – December 7, 2004 to be exact, when I first created NHS On-line Community (formerly referred to as NHS Alumni On-line Community) with a vision to fostering good feelings and a sense that Novaliches High School will always be our home. Crazy idea, huh?? Well, it was such a huge undertaking really for me to be thinking of creating an On-line Community this big…not just for our Class of 1986 but with the whole NHS alumni, students, faculty, family & friends of course!!  It’s just truly amazing to see us grow with over 500 current registered members all around the globe and proudly our numbers continuous to grow each day – many thanks to all You of course!! For me it was worth those many sleepless nights trying to write up the contents and adding those features I thought would be cool to have for our On-line community. And yes again, like I always say the hardest part for me in creating our site was actually trying to understand how to do it & of course getting the cheapest web hosting I could get a hold of. Many thanks of course to my nursing degree. Wink

Guess most of you would think the traditional thing to do for a one-year anniversary of course would be to take a look back at how far we’ve come over the past year. But on our first year anniversary, I hope you will indulge me if I’d like instead to focus on YOU, the very reason that we are such a vibrant and thriving On-line Community.

To mention, one of the things I truly love the most as I continue to work on our site each day as your Website Administrator, is to visit our Message Board and find out what you members are thinking and discussing with each other, and also to see such an incredible camaraderie & friendships existing among active posters and newbie posters alike. I’m always entertained, and often amazed, by the boundless creativity of our many active posters and members as a whole.

As a way of saying thanks let me re-acquaint you to the important people behind its success – our active posters mostly and to some active readers of course. So who are the active readers??? Shhh!! They are the ones who keep visiting our Message Board and managed somehow to leave without a trace. Can’t tell you how exactly those message readers were able to do just that – visit the forums, read… some more… and just leave without a trace. Pretty mysterious I would say, but I guess that just proves how truly interesting our message posts certainly have become the last few days ‘coz I’ve seen these readers practically everyday checking out our many wonderful topics and message posts. Wait!!!. Did I hear somebody mentioning a “Maybe This Time” as one of the most loved theme song lately on our forums?? Well you certainly didn’t hear it coming from me of course…
Rolling EyesWink

Let me begin our trip down memory lane by re-introduce to you once again our hardworking & talented products of NHS our Forum Moderators who have been my valuable support all throughout. Thanks guys!!

Mr. Gerry Bayona Batch 1975 (our first Moderator for the months of December 2004 to January 2005)
Gerry is among the first members joining NHS On-line Community and has shown me he has the best interests of the site in mind, and has proven very willingly in just a few days of signing up.  Gerry Bayona was among the top honor students who graduated from Novaliches High School in 1975. Following his graduation, he attended Mapua Institute of Technology for 2 years majoring in Civil Engineering. He migrated to Hawaii to attend Brigham Young University in 1981, successfully graduated with Bachelors of Science degrees in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems.  Currently Gerry serves as a Principal Technology Planner for Yahoo!, Inc. search engine division.  He also served as Vice President of Systems Operations at ePolicy Insurance Services, Inc., an e-commerce b2b and b2c company catering to insurance consumers and insurance underwriters and brokers.

Mr. Benjie Canonoy Batch 1984 (February Moderator).
Back in Manila, Benjie used to practice his profession as a trial and corporate lawyer, a tenured faculty member at the College of Commerce in University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines, and a CPA review at the CPA Review School of the Philippines in Espana, Manila before moving in Norwalk, California to be with his family. He is currently working in an Immigration Law Office in Downey, California. He have come from a long line of Canonoy NHS alumni family and just like most of us he certainly enjoys giving back to our beloved Alma Mater!

Mr. Mike Bote Batch 1999 (March Moderator)
Mike is the Class Valedictorian his senior year. Mike’s enthusiasm for academic excellence brought him many senior year accolades in the University of the Philippines graduating cum laude in University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Economics also in 2003.  Just a recent college grad a few years ago and Mike is already making his mark as the Regional Sales Manager for North Luzon Operations (Regions I, II, and III) at Green Cross, Inc - manufacturer of Zonrox, Green Cross Alcohol, Lewis and Pearl Cologne, Del Fabric Softener, Glide Ironing Aid, and Greenex.

Mr. Norman A. Garcia Batch 1993 (April Moderator)
Graduating as the Class Salutatorian in NHS Class of 1993, Norman finished BS Civil Engineering in UP Diliman and Masters in Business Administration at Ateneo de Manila University. He currently teaches business courses at De La Salle University - Manila. And to balance his social life, Norman put up a bar & restaurant (Booze Stop) in Makati City. Life is certainly good for this promising young man.

Ms. Lucia Bayona Batch 1994 (May Moderator)
Lucia was Ms. Senior, an honor student & a Choir Master for NHS Class of 1994. After NHS, she attended UP Diliman for 2 semesters and then transferred to Brigham Young University in Hawaii in 1996. In 2000 she received her B.S. Accounting degree also at Brigham Young University. Currently, Lucia work as a Project Manager (Business Systems) for Abbott Diabetes Care in Alameda California.

Ms. Myra Contessa Diokno-Sarmenta Batch 1981 (June Moderator)
Myra graduated in NHS as their batch Junior Police Officer - Adjutant (S-1) & the Literary Editor of Reservoir/Talisman. A Dean's Lister - SY 93-94 and SY 94-95 in De La Salle University graduating in 1995 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. Myra is currently working as Sr. Marketing Communications Officer at 3M PHILIPPINES Corporate Marketing & Public Affairs. She is also an Editor-in-Chief 3M Perlas (official newsletter of 3M Philippines), Training & Promotions Team Leader Environment, Health & Safety Team also at 3M Philippines.

Ms. Gloria Cecilia Galgana Batch 1985 (July Moderator)
Glo is Ms. Senior Batch 1985, a member of the NHS Cultural Dance Troupe and won a Story Telling contest in her senior year and being a wonderful dancer she was always in the school programs.  She’s successful in maintaining her university scholarship all her college years in PUP graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Tourism in 1989. She currently now holds two positions working as Assistant to the Managing Director in Buraq Air, a Libyan cargo airline company and also as an Administration Manager for Gulf Aviatec, A French Trading Company in UAE.

Mr. John Clive Valena Batch 1991 (August Moderator)
John was an honor student in NHS who took the Q.C. government scholarship to study Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, graduating in 1997. In college he won various awards in the annual architectural design competition in (CAFA) College of Fine Arts and Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas. Currently, John works as a Technical Drawings & AutoCAD Specialist at Roots Communications Pte Ltd – Singapore, a Singapore Company which provides complete system solution from design, sourcing to turnkey completion. In other cases, provides Engineering Services for customers’ infrastructure, new rollout or enhancement. And in Wireless & Private Radio, the Company serves the telco operators, Mass Transit, Public Security & Government Agencies.

Mr. Jose Carlo Sia Batch 2003 (September Moderator)
Sia successfully graduated with honors, their Batch Corp’s Commander and was awarded Performer of The Year Class 2003 in NHS. He’s still in pursuits of his college degree, majoring in Remote Sensing (a satellite base forest surveying) in University of the Philippines in Los Banos Laguna, a member of the swimming & baseball varsity teams also in UPLB and his college affiliations include Alpha Phi Omega & Entablado Filipino. He is currently working as a designer for a Home & Fashion Boutique Store. Oddly enough, far from his college major, his ultimate dream would be to work as a professional hacker, working for a multinational corporation network security or to look for vulnerabilities of a newly developed software or perhaps to work in a firewall development company.

Mr. Virgilio Cruz Batch 1985 (October Moderator)
Ver had a pretty typical childhood growing up and was actually never much of a student. In fact his grades were rather below average all the way up through high school.  And sure enough our deareast NHS teachers proved themselves right time and again, for they somehow knew that Ver can accomplish many things if he just puts his mind to it. He was certainly a different guy in college - an active member of Mechanical Engineering Society 1990 Manila Chapter (MES) and in that same year successfully graduating with a degree of B.S. Mechanical Engineering in Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), one of our country’s leading schools in the fields of Engineering and Information and Community Technology. Ver currently now holds a position in QC and Inspection Management in Toyo Engineering Corp performing Inspection management coordination on the Company’s Global operation.

Mr. Emmanuel V. Udtuhan Batch 1983 (November Moderator)
EVU represented Novaliches High School Track and Field during the Division Athletic Meet held at Quezon City Science High School in 1983. He successfully completed a degree in B.S. Computer Science in Pamantasan Ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) in 1989. During 1986 he was awarded “Most Sportsmanship” - Kabataang Barangay Basketball League (Novaliches Proper). He was also a member of Varsity Men’s Basketball Team at PLM and awarded by the school during their Intramurals as "Most Sportsmanship" in 1987. He is a model employee and has made an outstanding contributions throughout his career in the Hotel Industry - awarded by the Anglo-Asian Strategic, Inc as a "Runner-Up Model Employee of the Year", in 1995 by the Grand Boulevard Hotel as "Model Employee of the Year" and was also a Finalist in “Gawad Lingkod Award” given by the Department of Tourism also in 1995.  He is currently now working at Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City as a MIS Manager evaluating, testing and maintaining file server and workstations ensuring the Hotel’s 24/7 operations.

Ms. Connie Villafuerte-Tungpalan Batch 1981 (December Moderator)
Connie was a member of the Aider’s Corps and also an active member of the NHS Rondalla playing the violin. She was successful in maintaining her university scholarship all her college years at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) graduating with a degree in Bachelor in Applied Statistics in 1985, an active officer of the PUP Statistics Clique Club & awarded 3rd Runner-Up & Ms. Friendship PUP Campus Pageant in 1985. After college, she completed the academic requirements for Master of Arts in Teaching Math in 1988 and through the sponsorship of the World Bank, she earned a Graduate Certificate Course on Energy Planning in 1991 at AIT Graduate School in Thailand. Creating a motto that articulates her career mission she received the Customer Experience Leadership Award in year 2000 and a Program for Exceptional Employee Recognition Award in 1994 both in Bank of America. Currently, Connie holds the position at Bank of America (Risk Margin Management Team) as an Assistant Vice President and Margin Officer where she maintains excellent partnership and service getting along pretty well with even the most difficult personalities and earning her regular "Spirit Card Recognitions” from her business partners.

Now that I have that out of the way, I hope that I have done my very best summarizing the many feats of our Forum Moderators for the year 2005 to fit in this space & I hope they can forgive me for any omissions. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Also, as some of you might already know, we have some exciting things planned for all of you. I’ll be revealing more about our makeover project & a Rebuilding NHS project in the days ahead, and all of these new information will eventually make its way to NHS On-line Communtiy Website, so be sure to visit our site from time to time for new updates.

I would like again to thank you all for making our On-line Community a success. It's as much a pleasure for me to be a part of this community as your Website Administrator. I look forward to celebrating Novaliches High School On-line Community’s upcoming one-year anniversary reunion at the corresponding times in each region on December 17th 2005 for a Casual Gathering of California Members and on December 30th for our 1st Year Anniversary Reunion Celebration in the Philippines, and I look forward to many more fun- and content-filled years of wonderful memories bringing us all back where we all once belong.

An old saying goes,"A speck of time is worth more than an ounce of gold" - 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom

Our work lives can become all-consuming. It is easy to forget those things that are most important to us -- family, friends, and taking time out to participate in activities that bring us joy and rejuvenate us. Time doing things we love is worth its weight in gold. May you find great wealth this year and always! 

NHS On-line Community wishes you all great wealth this year and always!

Have a great Holiday Season!!

Giving everyone a voice is the mantra we want everyone to feel at NHS On-line Community Website, and it has clearly paid off. Let me say this to all of you “Tell us what you want, then help us make it happen.” It requires an incredible paradigm shift....a whole new way of thinking and a fresh new start for all. In fact, each time I am faced by the daunting  challenge to better serve you with my limited personal resources, an available array of voluntary resources is fortunately being offered soon enough and often untapped, helping me personalize our online community experience the more....

This concludes another Update.

And like always, I am truly grateful to all your comments, ideas or suggestions you e-mailed me
at, so keep them coming PLEASE!

Until next time, take care and again thank you all for your continued support!


"Meet the New Members of
NHS On-line Community
For The Months Of September

October & November"

NHS On-line Community members are in a unique organization!  Our success may be traced to the fact that we have adhered strictly to the principles on which we were founded – not social, not political, not charitable, but the love that we have for our dear Alma Mater, Novaliches High School!

Let’s really dig in in 2005 and make it a banner year in LEADS..INVOLVEMENT...MEMBERSHIP!

Reminder: For those who registered for the month of September & October and not listed below kindly send me an e-mail at so I can enter your membership information and update our Member Directory. Thank YOU!

To help you get better acquainted with our fellow members the following are a list of our NEW registered members from September 01 up to November 30, 2005.


Member As Of September 02, 2005

1. Jorgena P. Zaragoza Batch 1990

Member As Of September 3, 2005
1. Renora Ronquillo Dacpano Batch 1985
Member As Of September 6, 2005
1. Joy Cecilia Mayores-Blanca Batch 1984

Member As Of September 7, 2005
1. Alladin Esteban S. Diega Batch 1989

Members As Of September 8, 2005:
1. Alejandro Santiago Cuales Batch 1989
2. Honora Bathan Batch 1986

Member As Of September 11, 2005
1. Ma. Benita Maneze-Sadiasa Batch 1986

Members As Of September 12, 2005
1. Maribel Godoy-Cablayan Batch 1979
2. Roland Allan Avila Castaneda Batch 1996

Members As Of September 16, 2005
1. Grace Marie Negre Barredo Batch 1977
2. Ma. Corazon Alvezo Delicana Batch 1977
3. Lalaine Molino Carcedo Batch 2003
4. Laudemer R. Ilasin Batch 1981

Members of as of September 17, 2005
1. Nepthaly Del Rosario Nepomuceno Batch 1977
2. Enrique Nepomuceno Batch 1977
3. Felix B. Magdales Batch 1977

Member As Of September 20, 2005
1. Ronald R. Laxamana Batch 1998

Member as of September 22, 2005
1. Jack Dennis L. Serrano Batch 1989

Members As Of September 26, 2005
1. Evangeline "Vangie" Malicdem Garcia Batch 1986
2. Jose Ruelito T.Viola Batch 1976

Member As Of September 28, 2005
1. Mary Anne Hernandez Batch 1984

Member As Of September 29, 2005
1. Stephanie C. Carrera Batch 2002

Member As Of October 8, 2005
1. Ireneo Eugenio Batch 1970

Members As Of October 10, 2005
1. Marjorie Magistrado-Casillano Batch 1985
2. Juliet Ponce Delos Reyes Vda de Manalang Batch 1979
3. Raphael Villanea Adolfo Batch 1983
4. Perlita Ramos Hernandez Batch 1972

Member As Of October 11, 2005
1. Ferdinand O. Escalante Batch 1975

Member As Of October 12, 2005

1. Lemuel P. Villenas Batch 1996

Member As Of October 13, 2005
1. Francis Ordonez Batch 1985

Member As Of October 14, 2005
1. Maria Amelia Awitan Batch 1984
2. Philbert Dancel Batch 1986
3. Minerva Joy Crescini Montemayor Batch 1986
4. Fides Agaloos Lorenzana Batch 1986
5. Marivic Sadumiano Batch 1986
6. Sheilla Marie Zerrudo Batch 1986

Members As Of October 15, 2005
1. Robin Buan Coloma Batch 1998
2. Ruby P. Delos Reyes Batch 1985
3. Haydee Coronel Benavidez Batch 1993
4. Arsenio "Nyong" Soliven Batch 1977
Member As Of October 16, 2005
1. Jerome T. Reyes Batch 1974

Member As Of October 17, 2005
1. Ana Rose B. Escober Batch 2001

Member As Of October 18, 2005
1. Joel F. Damayo Batch 1985

Members As Of October 21, 2005
1. Laura T. Salcedo Batch 1982
2. Chris A. Pabroquez Batch 1993
3. Catalina Tupang Batch 1985
4. Danilo A. Enriquez Batch 1985
5. Diosdado A. Jose Batch 1985
6. Rebecca Ocaneva Batch 1985
7. Mario Paredes Batch 1985
8. Abel S. Manalansan Batch 1985
9. John D. Solomon Batch 1985

Members As Of October 22, 2005
1. Elijah-Joji Echano Jarloc Batch 1982
2. Rose Ramirez Sy Batch 1982
3. Roque D. Rodulfo Batch 1986

Members As Of October 23, 2005
1. Wilson Rosello Batch 2003
2. Joseph Laranang Batch 1982

Members As Of October 24, 2005
1. John Paul Tauro Latoga Batch 1998
2. Vanessa Balanay Batch 2005
3. Fedelino S. Malabanan Batch 1982
4. Maritess P. Bajandi Batch 1982

Member As Of October 27, 2005
1. Ramon Prejillana Flores IV Batch 1986

Member As Of October 28, 2005
1. Lizarina B Dumlao Batch 1995

Members As Of November 1, 2005
1. Vladimir De Castro Batch 1990
2. Dennis Bigay Batch 1990
3. Anastacio Capili Tuliao jr Batch 1991

Member As Of November 3, 2005
1. Marissa De Leon Manzano Batch 1989

Members As Of November 4, 2005
1. Elma Fernandez Pablico Tala Batch 1986 (also currently teaching Mathematics in NHS)
2. Arlynn Lanuza Danao Batch 1982

Members As Of November 5, 2005
1. Rickson B. Arches Batch 1985
2. Joselito F. Febrada Batch 1985

Members As Of November 8, 2005
1. Aileen Angeles Espanol Batch 1986
2. Arvin Bautista Angeles Batch 1989
3. Stephanie Costales Navalta Batch 1986*
4. Regina J. Prado Batch 1996
*Stephanie should have graduated Class of 1986 in NHS if she have not left the Philippines in 1985

Members As Of November 8, 2005
1. Reynaldo Aranzanso Dalistan Batch 1990
2. Lara Cabading-Grajo Batch 1990

Members As Of November 11, 2005
1. Rosalina Diaz Batch 1982
2. Juhaina Jasmin Iscala Quirino Batch 1998

Members As Of November 12, 2005
1. Louie T. Guese Batch 1998
2. Erwin Rommel L. Trinidad Batch 1995
3. Jessie Bandoy Matotilla Batch 1997

Member As Of November 15, 2005
Jonathan Samat Sarmiento Batch 1992

Members As Of November 17, 2005
1. Mary Ann Santos- Lim Batch 1982
2. Mylene Siao-Velasco Batch 1992
3. Vital Sagayno Batch 1973
4. Teody De Vera Canonoy Batch 1986

Members As Of November 20, 2005
1. Emelyn De los Reyes Batch 1982
2. Bayani L. Crisostomo Batch 1986
3. Jonel Alegre Batch 1986

Members As Of November 21, 2005
1. Maria Cecilia Artugue Fernandez Batch 1996
2. Joey J. Julaton Batch 1986

Member As Of November 24, 2005
Michelle Lirio Serrano Batch 1987

Member As Of November 27, 2005
Jhoana Jaramilla Batch 1995

Members As Of November 28, 2005
1. Leian Cuesta Gaviola Batch 1995
2. Jane Manahan Alberto Batch 1976 (not a graduate from NHS but attended high school in NHS during her first year - 1973 to 1974)
3. Richard Ceballos Fernandez Batch 1985
4. Romeo M. Manahan Batch 1980

Members As Of November 30, 2005
1. Earl Fernandez Pablico-Guazon Batch 1983
2. Sharlynne Grace M. Capinpin Batch 2001
3. Filipina Mendoza Manahan Batch 1983

Message Board Mailing List Members
1. Jepoy (No Membership Information)
2. e-Y-e (No Membership Information
3. Yesenia (No Membership Information)
4. yunagie (No Membership Information)
5. Mister Yoso (No Membership Information)

We encourage our Message Board Mailing List members to become NHS  On-line Community registered member today and enjoy other areas of our site available only to NHSA On-line Community Website

In Summary:
- We have a total of 22 new registered members for the month of SEPTEMBER, 41 new registered members for the month of OCTOBER, 38 new registered members for the month of NOVEMBER,
-  FYI We have a total of 55 registered members in December of 2004  a total of 62 registered members in January 2005, a total of 68 registered members for the month of February, a total of 75 registered members for the month of March,  a total of 21 registered members for the Month of April, a total of 46 new registered members for the month of May, a total of 42 new registered members for the month of June, a total of 22 new registered members for the month of July, a total of 25 new registered members for the month of August,
a total of 22 new registered members for the month of SEPTEMBER, 41 new registered members for the month of OCTOBER, and a total of 38 new registered members for the month of NOVEMBER, bringing our total registered members to date 517 all from different batch starting from Class Year 1968 to 2006 (This does not include our Message Board Mailing List Members)

- We also had the most new daily member registrations on January 27, 2005 (total 19 new members joining in just a day)  most monthly member registrations last March (total 75 new members joining within 31 days) and the most batch registrations "Batch 1985" in the month of May (total 16 members from Batch 1985 joining in just 31 days)


(Monthly On Spotlight Feature
By Chona Villafuerte-Go)

Monthly Update As Of September 11, 2005

Monthly Update As Of September 11, 2005

Alona Basa Ducut Batch 1984
Janette Real-De Los Reyes Batch 1979
Andy Arroyo Batch 1978
Rachelle Erika Libunao Dancel Batch 2005
Virgilio Ponce Delos Reyes Batch 1980
Santos N. Godornes, Jr Batch 1994
Romarico G. Igot Batch 1991
Rosauro B. Nava Batch 1986
Agnes Yap Carpio Batch 1990
Davidson Fombuena Alba Batch 1996
Clarence Pangilinan Canlas Batch 1994
Riza N. Luzano Batch 1997
Ana Aileen Taylan Rosete Batch 1996
Abigail Pagcu Fauni-Gonzales Batch 1991
Sunday D. Julaton Batch 1991
Ronilo de Paz Favor Batch 1997
Jefferson M. Pingol Batch 2002
Eunice Avila Alinas Batch 1997
Laila Cunanan Ocampo Bath 1995
Christopher Bared Juinio Batch 2004
Darwin Batallones Ropelos Batch 1998
Gretheline Ramos-Bolandrina Batch 1983
Alfredo Reyes Batch 1986
Haidee Junatas Austria-Valena Batch 1991
Jose G. Odon Batch 1984
Rommel Diaz Buriel Batch 1986
Edgardo Junatas Austria Batch 1986
Ohwell Caliwag Simbulan Batch 1980
Stephen Bryan B. Gunhuran Batch 1999
Evangeline Sudla Lugtu Batch 1987
Albino P. Tanjutco Batch 1977
Racquel Delos Santos Echavia Batch 1994
Cristina R. San Felipe Batch 1971
Sheila Villafranca Batch 2001
Emmanuel Bernardez Batch 1977
Maryknoll Dinglasan Bathan-Zamora Batch 1989
Honora Bathan Batch 1986
Ma. Corazon Alvezo Delicana Batch 1977
Roderick I. Borlaza Batch 1990
Arvin Bautista Angeles Batch 1989
Mrs. Guadalupe Fernandez Pablico (Former NHS Mathematics Teacher)
Filipina Mendoza Manahan Batch 1983
Rhodora Piad Amparo Batch 1988
Ruben Esperanza Batch 1985
Antonio Ferrer Batch 1981

Elmer Amantio Batch 1984
 Alvin G. Gimelo Batch 1984
 Ma. Theresa "Thess" Pillonar-Santiago Batch 1990
 Carina Ledesma Villalobos Batch 1981
Dexter Policarpio Batch 1996
 Gemma S. Abraham Batch 1999
 Ernesto Rodriguez Solomon Jr. Batch 1988
Heidi Anacio Ignacio Batch 1982
 Jocelyn Dalistan Meneses-Cadsawan Batch 1996
Reynaldo E. Casing Batch 1985
 Ronald "Onne" D. Villapando Batch 1985
Edwin M. Fortich Batch 1978
Myraflor Sigueg Elloso Batch 1991
 Ariel B. Cruz Batch 1980
 Gladys Gabronino Cahepe Batch 1994
 Romeo Ignacio Borlaza Batch 1985
Leonila Ramirez-Jazul Batch 1985
Albino P. Tanjutco Batch 1977
Joy Cecilia Mayores-Blanca Batch 1984
Marjorie Magistrado-Casillano Batch 1985
Arlynn Lanuza Danao Batch 1982
Reynaldo Aranzanso Dalistan Batch 1990
Bayani L. Crisostomo Batch 1986
Mr. Cesar & Mrs. Sta. Maria (Former NHS Faculty),  
Maria Rosario Magno-Concepcion Batch 1989

Congratulations Everyone on our 1st Year Anniversary!!

NHSOC California Reunion on December 17, 2005 / December 30, 2005 Philippine Reunion

The "Laki Ng Pablik 1981"
Contributed By
Consuelo Villafuerte-Tungpalan

Batch 1981

My, Lorna, Mrs. Barawed, Rose, Ces, Ms. Tiong, Pia, Lani, Dora, Jess, Carina

It was 24 years ago when Batch 1981 marched to the sensational NHS Alma Mater Hymn.  It is endearing to know that since then,  most of them kept the connection and are reunited at least once a year to renew the ties of friendship. 
On August 28th, Batch 1981 was again in action with a successful get-together organized by Lelani “Lani” Bayato-Alfonso at the Ayala Westgrove Heights Country  Club in Laguna courtesy of Florante “Dante” Fajardo.  
Highlights of the occasion included preliminary plans for the 2006 Batch ‘81 Silver Reunion & the Proposed Project on NHS Leadership.   The event was hosted by our very own,  Ms. Missy My, who was also launched as the Batch ’81 Queen of Talk Show.  With or without the camera, MY is in her usual self - she looks like a flower but talks like a bee (she bangs!). Wink
It was such a remarkable occasion to miss.  All I can do is to cherish the old memories and be there in spirit. 
As an NHS Batch 1981 alumna, it is my pleasure to introduce my classmates, the initial organizers of our next year’s Silver Reunion.   
Friends, let’s focus the spotlight to the products of NHS who managed to keep their scholastic achievements to become successful professionals in their own chosen career.  

The early birds had a tour of Dante’s place where they explored the fresh air and beautiful view of the Westgrove community


Lelani “Lani” Bayato-Alfonso: 

Lani is well known as a musician playing Octavina for the NHS Rondalla.  Being punctual and best behaved, she received the “Huwaran sa Kagandahang Asal” Award in HS.   Currently, she’s a Wellness Consultant and is busy helping people look younger, feel better and live longer.  She plans to develop a subdivision, support a foundation for special children and write books.  As the Batch ‘81 Yahoo Groups Moderator, her message to her fellow alumni is to ”Keep in touch!”

Sofia Beatriz “Pia” Cacnio-Esguerra: 

Pia is a well-known leader in HS.  She was the Batch ’81 CAT Corp Commander and was awarded the “Katangi-Tanging Kadeteng Babae ng Taon”.  She’s tough but managed to be graceful as a member of the NHS Folk Dance Group.    She’s currently a busy wife & mother, an active tennis player and a computer business manager/owner.    Her message…”Guys, show up!”

Jesus “Jess” M. Canlapan:

Jess was the handsome CAT Corp Commander of Batch 1981.  He was the “Lider Mag-aaral ng Taon” and “Katangi-tanging Opisyal ng mga Kadete”. As another great leader from “Pablik”, he is currently a successful Trainor for corporate organizational rewards.   With a lovely wife and 3 adorable kids, Jess wants us all to ”Reach out and strengthen the bonding!”

Myra Contessa “MY” Diokno-Sarmenta: 

MY is well remembered in HS as the Junior Police Officer with pretty face, porcelain-white complexion and nice, long curly locks.  She was the “Farrah Fawcett” of “PABLIK”.  With her active & cheerful disposition, she received the “Huwarang Mag-aaral sa YCAP” Award in HS.  As we all know, MY is currently busy as a Sr. Marketing Communications Officer @ 3M and as an active chatter in the Batch ‘81 Yahoo Groups (where she is also one of the moderators) and NHS Alumni Community website (served as the June moderator).  She also dreams of one day writing a book on emotions.   Despite her successful corporate life, there is one more thing that she still hopes to achieve that only God knows when.  Her message…”May our special bond of friendship keeps us always together even 25 more years after.  Let’s continue to keep the NHS torch burning!”

Florante “Dante” Fajardo:  

Dante graduated as a handsome HS stude with honors (i.e. 2nd Honors) and is popular with his song “Today”.  Despite his busy work schedule (managing offices in the Philippines and abroad), he plans to finish his Ph.D and raise Christian kids.  Dante’s message to all NHS alumni is to “keep the faith glowing & serve proudly to the country”. 

Lorna Ibarra-Zotomayor: 

Lorna was also a Junior Police Officer in HS and received the “ Katangi-Tanging Junior Police ng Taon”.   As another stunning HS lass, she was pretty popular with quite a number of admirers in line.   She’s deeply spiritual and currently busy with her work, 2 kids and Christian life.    Her message, "We have been all successful in our own rightful living”.

Carina “Ate Caring” Ledesma-Villalobos: 

As compassionate as she is, Ate Caring is the dearest sister of Batch ‘81, a proud wife and mother of 3 lovely children.  She currently owns and manages a successful export business with clients in Russia and other countries.   Ate Caring is also one of the moderators of the Batch ‘81 Yahoo Groups.      Her message….”Just keep in touch!”

Cecilia “Ces” Liwag-Gallagher: 

Ces is truly beauty and brains.  She’s our Class Salutatorian, Ms. Alma Mater, CAT Officer- S2 and also known as Miss Tissue Girl.   As a born leader, she’s the founder & Administrator of the Batch ‘81 Yahoo Groups, which successfully made our batch all connected.   As a New Yorker, Ces make it a point to visit the Philippines and get reunited with her friends & relatives every year.  She’s a successful certified Physical Therapist (PT), currently manages her husband’s PT business and also active in school activities with her 3 handsome kids.  She’s an avid gardener and has a collection of beautiful flowers, like lilies, dahlias, etc.  Her message…"Connect, relive the past, create new memories.”

Teodora “Dora/Ditse” Liwag-Crisostomo: 

Dora is well remembered as a happy Ditse of the class.  She graduated in HS as the “Batang Iskaut ng Taon”.   She’s very successful in her profession in the recruitment and finance industry and currently pursuing further education in Financial Planning.  Being a goody-goody, her message to all is to "Go, Go, Go!” 

Bella Processa (Belle) Naco-Maniago:

Belle graduated with honors (i.e. 4th Honorable Mention) in HS, very studious and always has a  +1 in Physics (wow!).  Currently, she’s a busy mom and a successful teacher.  Her message…"Be a productive Filipino citizen”.

Rosemary “Rose” Tayo-Reynaldo: 

Rose was famous for her delicious “yema” and as a young active HS girl, she received the “Mapaglingkod na Mag-aaral ng Taon” Award.   She currently manages her agency in Philam Plans.  Our lovely “Maria Clara”, is proud to have given birth to 5 adorable kids.   Her message is for us to “Hold on together and to keep in touch through thick and thin”.

The 2005 “Laki ng Pablik” Awardees:

As part of this year’s get-together, all attendees got the chance to be nominated for the  “2005 Laki ng Pablik Awards-Batch 1981”.   Thanks to Lani for her party planning expertise and to Ate Caring for sponsoring the wonderful prizes, the awarding ceremony added spark & magic to the occasion. 


1. Laki ng Inilaki Award – has grown bigger physically & figuratively:  Dante  
2. Laki ng Iginanda and Isineksi Award- has maintained her youthful looks despite the passing of time:   MY & Ces  
3. Laki ng Pamilya Award – has managed to replicate her good genes so many times, thus contributing to the population explosion: Rose (well, who can beat 5 kids with twins).  

4. Laki ng Ipinagbago Award –has changed a lot…inside and outside:  Ditse “Dora” and Ate Caring  

5.  Memorabilia Awardees: 
Funniest Memorabilia: 
Ces with the birthday picture of  a  very young
Daisy Miranda.
Most Sentimental Memorabilia: 
MY with “bulok” na rose from Ces.
Oldest Memorabilia: 
Rose with picture of MY dated 1978.


Lani, My, Ces, Mrs. Barawed, Dante,Belle, Rose, Ms. Tiong, Lorna,Carina, Dora, Jess, George, Peds

From the Batch ‘81 organizers, they wish to extend their special thanks to those who attended the 2005 Get-Together, for the scrumptious food that they brought, to the ever young & beautiful Mrs. Barawed and Ms. Tiong for their presence and sharing their wisdom to their former students, to George “Glockman” Calicdan (Batch 1983) and Alfredo “Pedong” Reyes (Batch 1986) for being a part of this event.  Special mention to our class valedictorian, Jo-Ann Javines-Adolfo, who did not make it to the occasion, but was well represented by her delicious “adobo” and to Q.C. Fiscal Arthur Malabaguio, for being there in spirit sending his text messages while on duty at the City Hall.  

To those who were not able to make it, “Thank you for your greetings, we missed you and hoped you were there with us to share in the fun and laughter!”

As a reminder from  Lani,  “Time flies so swiftly when you’re in the company of old friends.  We may part for a while, but we’ll see each other again." 

Please mark your calendar, July 22, 2006 is the big date for our Batch 1981 25th  Class Reunion .

Hope to see you all, batchmates. For more details, please join us @ Yahoo! Groups : Novahigh_1981alumni




New entries were added on our Lost Friends Forum and our Message Board under Topic "I'm Looking For". If you have any information on the whereabouts of any of these individual, please take the time to contact the requester. For most of them, the requester's email addresses are provided on the Lost Friends Forum web page. I am sure they will be very happy to get whatever information you can provide them. THANK YOU!

Does anyone know about the current whereabouts of the following NHS graduates?
1. Febie Torres Batch, Herminda Canlapan, Dolores Encarnacion Francisco Batch 1977 (Submitted By: Consuelo Torrente Dela Cruz Batch 1977)
2. Orlando Tabbay Batch 1975 (Submitted By Gerry Bayona Batch 1975)
3. Annaliza Arceo Batch 1985 (Submitted By Ruben Esperanza Batch 1985)
4. Mary Ann Cruz Batch 1985 (Submitted By Emilio Penaranda Batch 1985)
5. Ruby Asupan Batch 1990 (Submitted By Jay E. Flores Batch 1990)
6. Ronald Dable Batch 2003 (Submitted By Cathlyn Mel Imbao Cando Batch 2003)
7. Jeff Parajinog, Jose, Ronald Q. Batch 1991 (Submitted By Elizalde Muyon Batch 1991)
8. Arnold Carpio Batch 1982 (Submitted By Rodelio Ramos Batch 1982)
9. Buddy D. Julaton Batch 1994 (Submitted By Sheryll Ann Bognot Batch 1995)
10. Art Gimelo Pagar Batch 1988 (Submitted By Cherleen Manette Flores-Aquino Batch 1988)
11. Gisela Santos  Gisela Santos, Yolly Orbeta and Virgie del Mundo Batch 1969 (Submitted By Erlinda De Leon-Del Rosario Batch 1969)
12. Ariel M. Mamansag Batch 1982 (Submitted By Elizabeth Ellson-Fernandez Batch 1984)
13. Rebecca Madrigal, Rosa Briones, Teresita Daez, Maura Juan, Rosario Cruz, Teresita Regenio, Catalina Dizon and the rest of Batch 1968 (Submitted by Pia Vaughn-Canton aka Pet Licarte Batch 1969)
14. Lilibeth R. Mamon Batch 1984, Reynaldo R. Mamon Batch 1980 (Submitted By Alona Basa-Ducut Batch 1984)
15. Adoracion Clamor, Reynaldo Ronquillo & Nora Mojica Batch 1968 (Submitted By Hernani Del Rosario Batch 1968)
16. Jeffrey Echano and Vergel Ramirez Batch 1985 (Submitted By Janette Ellson-Espinosa Batch 1985)
17. Looking for classmates from Class 1977-78 IV-2: Raul Rodrigues, Regina Galve, Armando Musngi, Vangie Ibarra
(Submitted by Arlene Gentapan-Weber)
18. Looking For Batch 1981 (Submitted by Jonas Maceda)
19. Looking For
David Cuezon, Eriberto Nicanor, Guillermo Tiburcio, Guillermo E. Casing Jr. & Laudemer Ilasin Batch '81 (Submitted by Jonas Maceda)
20. NHS Lost Friends Batch 2003: Cristal Gay Oh, Kathlyn Joy Matutina & Erwin de Jesus (Submitted by Lord Alfred Dela Cruz AKA "L.A.")
21. Ricardo "nguso" Tuazon NHS Lost Friend Batch '82 section 2 (Submitted by Eduardo B. Soliman)
22. Ferdinand Petot Cabigting NHS Lost Friend Batch 1985. (Submitted By Virgilio C. Bilaw Jr.)
23. Hilario Bagacay Jr. Batch 1995 Section 4 (Submitted By Russel Fuentes Balete)
24. Graduates of Batch 1986 IV-5. (Submitted By Rommel Buriel)
25. Batch 1994 IV-2. (Submitted By Gladys Gabronino Cahepe)
26. Evelyn Sandoval, Elizabeth Dagandan, Fe lina Azana NHS Lost Friends of Batch 1969 IV-1. (Submitted By Rebecca Madrigal)
27. Ronald Cervas NHS Lost Friend Batch 86 IV-4 (Submitted By Noe Clavecilla)
28. Arlene Gaerlan, Leticia Penaflor, Achilles Buriel NHS Lost Friends of Batch 1980 (Submitted By Cherrylene T. Viola-Monreal)
29. Teresita Pamintuan, Conception Santos, Elena Olaes, Glenda Perillo NHS Lost Friends of Batch 1975. (Submitted By Editha Alix Magat)
30. Alfredo (Bong) Rosadino Serrano' Birthparents (Submitted By Joycelyn Espiritu David at or Alfredo (Bong) Rosadino Serrano at
31. Henry Joson NHS Lost Friend Batch 81 IV-3 (Submitted By Batch 81)
32. Melanie Verde NHS Lost Friend Batch 85 IV-1 (Submitted By Ma. Cecilia Chua Pascual)
33. NHS Lost Friends from Batch 1986: Silverio Cid, Paul Baladad, Ma. Fe Quibic & Elmer Reyes
(Submitted By Ferdie Mar Abesamis)
34. Wanted Batch 1989 specially the PIE BUNCH of Class IV-1 (Submitted By: Maryknoll Bathan-Zamora)
35. Ma. Antoinette SJ. Maningas NHS Lost Friend Batch 1990 (Submitted By Loida Baylon Sevilla)
36.  Cornelio "Jessie" Angeles NHS Lost Friend Batch 1980 Section 1 (Submitted By: Josh L. Ampil)
37. Emmanuel Francia Garcia NHS Lost Friend Batch 1990 Section 1 (Submitted By Claudette Lirio Serrano-Raymundo)
38. CLASS OF 1989 IV-I "THE MATADORS" & "PIE BUNCH" (Submitted By Arvin B. Angeles)
39. Leticia Mananquil, Florinda Dumo, Lolita Dimaano, Marineth all from Batch 1974 (Submitted By Jane Manahan Alberto)
40. Norberto Taguba & Ronald Catacutan both from Batch 1986 Section 3 (Submitted By Jonel Alegre)

Please notify the website administrator to remove the request when you successfully reconnect with your friend or provided enough information. This will help keep these list updated. Thank you!

1. Art Gimelo Pagar Batch 1988
2. Arnold Carpio Batch 1982
3. Jeffrey Echano Batch 1985
4. Vergel Ramirez Batch 1985
5. Vangie Ibarra Batch 1978
6. Rebecca Madrigal Batch 1968

7. Laudemer Ilasin Batch 1981
8. David Cueson Batch 1981


Isang Taon
By Jaime Balanay aka Dr. J Batch 1987

Parang kailan lang
Nung ito'y inumpasahan
Dati ay pailan ilan lang
Ngayon ay di na mabilang

Ikaw lang dati ang bantay
Ngayon kuntodo de alalay
Isang taon ka na nga

Isang taon
Puno ng aksyon
Ang daming reaksyon
Walang mapipikon

Isang taon
Dito ang saya saya
Kahit saan iyong dala dala
Tanggal ang problema

Check ka ng posts
Ika'y mapapa-PAUSE
Kaya'y mapapa-APPLAUSE
Feeling ay AYOS!

Chika chika
May nang-iintriga
Haay!...puro kwela

Isang taon
Pagbibigay saya
Tulong sa bawat isa
Lahat ay sama sama

Isang taon
Ang sarap di ba
Di ka dito nag-iisa
Kasi ang daming nagbabasa

Sa isang taon
Tuloy tuloy pa
Wag bibitaw sa tawa
Nandito lahat ng reseta

Saan ka pa?

(This was posted by Jaime Balanay on our Message Board on December 7, 2005 in response to NHS On-line Community's
First Year Anniversary Celebration.
Thanks Dr. J!!!)



High School is definitely an important part of our lives and we want to know:

1. What was your NHS education experience like?
2. What was the emphasis of your high school education?
3. What kind of discipline was enforced?
4. What kind of literature did you experienced?
5. What is your most vivid memory of high school?
6. Do you have any school related stories from your batch? If so, what are they?
7. How has high school shaped your lives and your batchmate's lives? How has it changed? How is it affecting the lives of your own children and grandchildren?

Send me your stories today at or post them in our Member’s Lounge!

Please include: your name, batch/class year, location, and your e-mail address.
We look forward to sharing some fun and intriguing stories with you on the months ahead! THANK YOU!!

Any comments, suggestions and/or ideas are always appreciated. Please drop me a line at
Until the next update, take care and thank you all for your continued support!

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"My sincerest apologies to all of you if I cannot respond to all questions, comments, tips, stories or letters you send to me (your website administrator) immediately. But I will try my very best to get back to you as soon as I can.
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation."
- Chona Villafuerte-Go Batch 1986
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