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Monthly Update As Of September 11, 2005


Monthly Update As Of:
September 11, 2005

Administrator's Notes By Chona Villafuerte-Go Batch 1986
NHSOC Goals in helping our members & our alma mater
• A Proposal For Organizing a "COOPERATIVE"
NHSOC Celebrates Year of The Dog
Words of Wisdom for this NHSOC Monthly Update

Meet the new MEMBERS of NHS Online Community for the Month of December
Connecting Pablik Yesterday and Today...A Personal Experience By Mary Knoll Bathan-Zamora Batch 1989
Submit your NHS Special Memories

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Administrator's Notes
Administrator's Notes

Welcome once again to Novaliches High School On-line Community Update as of February 14, 2006


Today is February 14th and we all can’t help but turn our attention of course to the holiday of Love! Yup that’s right I’m talking about Valentine's Day. (winks)

I may sound corny but I must admit I really love Valentines Day. It just warms my heart to remember some of my fave memories of this great holiday (right next to those lovely roses and chocolates of course!). Wait, what??! Say that again?! You think you know what was my fondest memories of V Day??.... Nah!! Not that, silly you. (smiles). Hang in there, let me just clear my throat! [ahem ahem] (winks). Actually, my fondest memories of those days was back in school. You know. Those cute little cards that I’m sure most of you also got and gave when we were in grade school and in high school. Do you remember those? ‘Coz I love them I love them, love them, love them!!! I think they're adorable and simply hilarious. And do you remember in grade school and in high school it used to be all about who got the most valentines or who got the most nicest gifts and flowers? And I may have shyly denied it back then but I’m really quite flattered and nervous at the same time to get a flower delivered to our homeroom and actually receiving one, usually from someone fairly uncool but nice whom I probably had befriended somehow. (winks!!) Not to mention the never ending teasing in class and from all my friends.

I remember vividly giving out Valentines to my classmates and how it used to include endless hours of making them out of construction paper, cute dollies and with painstaking attention to all the details. It was a project that was done at home, and I remember getting some great help then from my older sister Connie (who by the way have such creative hands even back then) for each individual child in my class or at least to all my friends. It was basically one of great pride one taken in so doing. And yeah how about “The Puns”? Who among you hasn’t smirked at the cute sayings that are placed on the Valentines cards? Such sayings as “I’m Sweet On You” that must have been used for years and years. It came from a time of collecting these types of catchy, cute sayings and riddles. These can still be found today of course on the Valentines that are purchased out of the box. And you betcha, I do find those purely so much fun!

Today, I’m sure everyone must have noticed there are much fewer families making Valentines and many more just buying a box of them to give out to their classmates with a simple signature on each one of them. And while children may not feel comfortable with providing homemade Valentines to their classmates today, I think they can and should still make them for their friends outside the classroom, for their adult friends and other loved ones. Not only is it a fun task to do, but it helps with motor skills and creativity as well. All that is needed is a simple piece of paper. The paper can be folded, cut, shaped in any way that they would like it to be.

I must know ‘coz I'm really a big fan of the homemade card, myself, and I happen to love the holiday. How can anyone hate a holiday that has so much red in it, to say the least? And do I like the commercial aspects of it? Frankly Yes. I know it's corny, but I use the holiday not just to get all shmoopy with any significant other, but also to honor my family and friends and reaffirm my love for them with a little token (card, call, box of candy hearts and so on)…and yes it’s the nicest way for me to advertise our little party business at with some personalized photo cards & favours with my cute little boys – Matthew & William’s photos on each one of them of course.
This is a simple, affordable way to make homemade Valentines that parents, families and other friends will love to hang on for many years to come.

However you celebrate, we hope you all have a very happy Valentines Day!!!

• NHSOC is also exploring alternative methods of raising funds for our ongoing "Rebuilding NHS Project" including an appeal to all our alumni members for help…

Towards this end, we are in the process of obtaining materials suitable for putting together presentations. In fact, a couple of members currently are discussing a formation of "Cooperative" whose purpose is to encourage thrift and savings mobilization among the members and to promote and advance the economic, social and educational state of its members while ulitmately hopes to extend its services and financial assistance to our dear old alma mater.

If you wish to participate on the on-going discussion about
"Organizing Cooperative" you may visit our Message Board under General Topic "Cooperative For Members Wherever You Are" at the following link:

Reminder: You will need your login information in order to view, read and post on this forum.

So yes, it's been a year since i've created NHS On-line Community, but look how far we've come. And of course, wait until you see what's coming up! There's definitely more on the horizons.


It is as impossible to find a perfect man as it is to find 100 percent pure gold." - From 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom.

On this Update's Words of Wisdom, This proverb cautions us that it is foolish to demand perfection. What we should do is concentrate on developing our merits and overcoming our shortcomings.

Here at NHS On-line Community we hope that you will always be surrounded by friends with kind words.

NHSOC wishes you all great wealth this year and always!


Giving everyone a voice is the mantra we want everyone to feel at NHS On-line Community Website, and it has clearly paid off. Let me say this to all of you “Tell us what you want, then help us make it happen.” It requires an incredible paradigm shift....a whole new way of thinking and a fresh new start for all. In fact, each time I am faced by the daunting  challenge to better serve you with my limited personal resources, an available array of voluntary resources is fortunately being offered soon enough and often untapped, helping me personalize our online community experience the more....

This concludes another Update.

And like always, I am truly grateful to all your comments, ideas or suggestions you e-mailed me
at, so keep them coming PLEASE!

Until next time, take care and again thank you all for your continued support!


"Meet the New Members of
NHS On-line Community
For The Month Of December

NHS On-line Community members are in a unique organization!  Our success may be traced to the fact that we have adhered strictly to the principles on which we were founded – not social, not political, not charitable, but the love that we have for our dear Alma Mater, Novaliches High School!

Let’s really dig in 2006 and make it a banner year in LEADS..INVOLVEMENT...MEMBERSHIP!

Reminder: For those who registered for the month of December not listed below kindly send me an e-mail at so I can enter your membership information and update our Member Directory. Thank YOU!

To help you get better acquainted with our fellow members the following is a list of our NEW registered members from January 01-31, 2006

December 2005 Members

Members As Of December 1, 2005
1. Maria Rosario Magno-Concepcion Batch 1989
2. Rhodora Piad Amparo Batch 1988
3. Derly A. Jacoba Batch 1993

Members As Of December 03, 2005
1. Lowell P. Villenas Batch 1989
2. Lourdes Cecilia P. Villenas Batch 1993
3. Rhodora Galang Villenas Batch 1986

Member As Of December 5, 2005
1. Antonio Casis Ferrer Batch 1981

Members As Of December 7, 2005
1. Ma. Luningning San Diego-Mendoza Batch 1995
2. Rodelio S. Pascual Batch 1985
3. Arthur H. Penamante Batch 1984
4. Cesar M. Dalida Batch 1982

Members As Of December 9, 2005
1. Adolfo Jose V. Adolfo Batch 1981
2. Hanneylyn Trinidad Velasco Batch 2004

Members As Of December 13, 20005
1. Dennis Gallo Manginsay Batch 1992
2. Rommel Fernandez Pascasio Batch 1995

Member As Of December 14, 2005
1. Amelia Buenaventura Santa Maria Batch Former NHS Faculty

Members As Of December 20, 2005
1. Severino Campos Madria Batch 1987
2. Ledna Dalisay Ankenbauer Batch 1987
3. Paulino Bartolome Baltazar Jr. Batch 1979
4. Myrna De Guzman Manzano Batch 1976

Member As Of December 24, 2005
1. Mary Rose Bulatao Batch 1992

Members As Of December 26, 2005
1. Elmer Y. Cabundoc Batch 1994
2. Teresa Constantino De Jesus Batch 1968
3. Mark Joseph Delos Santos Batch 2006
4. Jovita Juanillo Batch 1981

Message Board Mailing List Members
1. Jepoy (No Membership Information)
2. e-Y-e (No Membership Information
3. Yesenia (No Membership Information)
4. yunagie (No Membership Information)
5. Mister Yoso (No Membership Information)

We encourage our Message Board Mailing List members to become NHS  On-line Community registered member today and enjoy other areas of our site available only to NHSA On-line Community Website

In Summary:
- We have a total of  25 new registered members for the month of December 2005
-  FYI We have a total of 55 registered members in December of 2004  a total of 62 registered members in January 2005, a total of 68 registered members for the month of February, a total of 75 registered members for the month of March,  a total of 21 registered members for the Month of April, a total of 46 new registered members for the month of May, a total of 42 new registered members for the month of June, a total of 22 new registered members for the month of July, a total of 25 new registered members for the month of August,
a total of 22 new registered members for the month of SEPTEMBER, 41 new registered members for the month of OCTOBER, 38 new registered members for the month of NOVEMBER, and a total of 25 new registered members for the month of DECEMBER 2005 bringing our total registered members to date 542 all from different batch starting from Class Year 1968 to 2006 (This does not include our Message Board Mailing List Members)

- We also had the most new daily member registrations on January 27, 2005 (total 19 new members joining in just a day)  most monthly member registrations last March (total 75 new members joining within 31 days) and the most batch registrations "Batch 1985" in the month of May (total 16 members from Batch 1985 joining in just 31 days)


(Monthly On Spotlight Feature
By Chona Villafuerte-Go)














































"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You..."
By Jennifer Ellson


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~ Germaine Greer

Some people say it is in Paris where one would find romance. Others say it is Venice where passion could be found, as lovers glide down the canals aboard the Venetian gondola. But one only has to go to that little town of San Agustin in Novaliches, Quezon City, to witness a love that has traveled across continents, has weathered some tough challenges and continues to thrive, against all odds.

“NGCMLFY.” Those were the letters that has adorned her notebook all throughout college. It seemed random at first, but those were the letters she uses to end her every note to him. “NGCMLFY.” It is a code of love. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You. It has been their song for the last 17 years.

It all started in the ‘80s, when he moved a few houses from hers. Jeng saw Boyet for the first time as he drove by her house in his blue-green ford fiera. She was 17, he was 20. Little did they know that two decades after, on February 17, 2006, they would be celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary.

They grew up together. They laugh and cried together as teens. It didn’t take them long to realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. She cried when he proposed for the first time, circa 1988. A gold ring fell as she opened his letter by her doorstep. She declined his offer of marriage, saying she was too young to marry at 18. He patiently waited and more than a year after, he asked for her hand again, but this time, she gladly accepted. At 20, Jeng knew she was still young, but more matured to receive the sacrament of matrimony. And so on February 17, 1989, they got married. She cried; he shed some tears of joy.

The stork came a year after, when they had their first born, Justin. More than a year after that, the stork came again, delivering their second son, Jerel John. Boyet showed her the world; Jeng in turn gave him a family that he once had only dreamed of. And this is the part where it normally would say, “and they lived happily ever after.” But no, for this is where the story has just begun.

Jeng woke up feeling dizzy that one balmy day in 1991. She thought it was just from lack of sleep caring for her toddler and the new born baby. She complained of numbness and triple vision. By then a San Miguel Corp. employee on a fast-track to success, Boyet took the day off and brought her to a hospital. Not even 10 minutes after leaving the doctor’s office, he was once again crying. This time, it was not tears of joy. He was just told that his young wife had a mild stroke, resulting to multiple sclerosis – a rare condition that affects one’s nervous system. This is enough for any young love to crumble, but instead, they wrote each other a note that only had gibberish letters in them: “NGCMLFY.” No words needed to be said. They were both devastated and they knew it. But they also both knew that they have each other to weather the storm that just came.

Jose Miguel & Jean Jewel.

Others would have given up, but not Jeng and Boyet – they vowed to be together in sickness and in health, and that’s what they continue to do up to this day. Her health was supposed to make her weak, but our Jeng is different. She has defied all odds. While an ordinary patient’s health deteriorates as time goes by, our extraordinary Jeng gave birth again years after being first diagnosed. Twice! On January 2001, another bundle of joy, Jose Miguel, was born. On October 2005, Jean Jewel became the fourth child and only daughter of the two, but not without another round of heartaches. Jeng suffered another stroke, putting her life in great danger, not to mention that of her then unborn child. No husband and father would even want to experience a fraction of what Boyet felt the day Jeng was brought to the Intensive Care Unit of Medical City. Armored with prayers from her battalion of families and friends, Jeng fought for her own life, with her baby Jewel battling with her. They both won and their sweet victory served as an inspiration to all those around them. All those times, Boyet did not leave her side, showing strength despite his bleeding heart.

Indeed, he serves as the family’s pillar of strength, while she is the light that illuminates their lives. He strove for his career to flourish to ensure his family’s future; she gave up hers to care for them all. And in between they wrote each other little notes that said, “NGCMLFY.” As the cliché goes, “behind every man’s success is a woman.” This is especially true for the couple. Jeng has been Boyet’s coach and cheerleader all these years, offering advice when needed, and cheering for his every triumph. Ever since they met, when he was just a fresh graduate trying his luck in the corporate world, she has believed in him. With his every fall, she cries with him; with his every conquest comes her cheers. In any case, she would write him a note that would always lift his spirit. The note would simply say, “NGCMLFY.”

Having been married at a young age by today’s standards, they often witness their childhood friends go from one marriage to the next, as what seems to be the norm for those who married young. But the couple instead goes to one prom to the next, one graduation after another, as their little boys grow up to be young men.

Just 17 years ago, they were witnessing the day of their lives, when she was walking on the aisle, with him waiting at the altar to receive her hand. Now, they are celebrating their 17 years of marriage. As to what’s in store for the future, nobody really could tell. But one thing is constant: on February 17 of this year, two Hallmark cards would bear a little note, as it always had every February 17 for the past 17 years:





New entries were added on our Lost Friends Forum and our Message Board under Topic "I'm Looking For". If you have any information on the whereabouts of any of these individual, please take the time to contact the requester. For most of them, the requester's email addresses are provided on the Lost Friends Forum web page. I am sure they will be very happy to get whatever information you can provide them. THANK YOU!

Does anyone know about the current whereabouts of the following NHS graduates?
1. Febie Torres Batch, Herminda Canlapan, Dolores Encarnacion Francisco Batch 1977 (Submitted By: Consuelo Torrente Dela Cruz Batch 1977)
2. Orlando Tabbay Batch 1975 (Submitted By Gerry Bayona Batch 1975)
3. Annaliza Arceo Batch 1985 (Submitted By Ruben Esperanza Batch 1985)
4. Mary Ann Cruz Batch 1985 (Submitted By Emilio Penaranda Batch 1985)
5. Ruby Asupan Batch 1990 (Submitted By Jay E. Flores Batch 1990)
6. Ronald Dable Batch 2003 (Submitted By Cathlyn Mel Imbao Cando Batch 2003)
7. Jeff Parajinog, Jose, Ronald Q. Batch 1991 (Submitted By Elizalde Muyon Batch 1991)
8. Arnold Carpio Batch 1982 (Submitted By Rodelio Ramos Batch 1982)
9. Buddy D. Julaton Batch 1994 (Submitted By Sheryll Ann Bognot Batch 1995)
10. Art Gimelo Pagar Batch 1988 (Submitted By Cherleen Manette Flores-Aquino Batch 1988)
11. Gisela Santos, Yolly Orbeta and Virgie del Mundo Batch 1969 (Submitted By Erlinda De Leon-Del Rosario Batch 1969)
12. Ariel M. Mamansag Batch 1982 (Submitted By Elizabeth Ellson-Fernandez Batch 1984)
13. Rebecca Madrigal, Rosa Briones, Teresita Daez, Maura Juan, Rosario Cruz, Teresita Regenio, Catalina Dizon and the rest of Batch 1968 (Submitted by Pia Vaughn-Canton aka Pet Licarte Batch 1969)
14. Lilibeth R. Mamon Batch 1984, Reynaldo R. Mamon Batch 1980 (Submitted By Alona Basa-Ducut Batch 1984)
15. Adoracion Clamor, Reynaldo Ronquillo & Nora Mojica Batch 1968 (Submitted By Hernani Del Rosario Batch 1968)
16. Jeffrey Echano and Vergel Ramirez Batch 1985 (Submitted By Janette Ellson-Espinosa Batch 1985)
17. Looking for classmates from Class 1977-78 IV-2: Raul Rodrigues, Regina Galve, Armando Musngi, Vangie Ibarra
(Submitted by Arlene Gentapan-Weber)
18. Looking For Batch 1981 (Submitted by Jonas Maceda)
19. Looking For
David Cuezon, Eriberto Nicanor, Guillermo Tiburcio, Guillermo E. Casing Jr. & Laudemer Ilasin Batch '81 (Submitted by Jonas Maceda)
20. NHS Lost Friends Batch 2003: Cristal Gay Oh, Kathlyn Joy Matutina & Erwin de Jesus (Submitted by Lord Alfred Dela Cruz AKA "L.A.")
21. Ricardo "nguso" Tuazon NHS Lost Friend Batch '82 section 2 (Submitted by Eduardo B. Soliman)
22. Ferdinand Petot Cabigting NHS Lost Friend Batch 1985. (Submitted By Virgilio C. Bilaw Jr.)
23. Hilario Bagacay Jr. Batch 1995 Section 4 (Submitted By Russel Fuentes Balete)
24. Graduates of Batch 1986 IV-5. (Submitted By Rommel Buriel)
25. Batch 1994 IV-2. (Submitted By Gladys Gabronino Cahepe)
26. Evelyn Sandoval, Elizabeth Dagandan, Fe lina Azana NHS Lost Friends of Batch 1969 IV-1. (Submitted By Rebecca Madrigal)
27. Ronald Cervas NHS Lost Friend Batch 86 IV-4 (Submitted By Noe Clavecilla)
28. Arlene Gaerlan, Leticia Penaflor, Achilles Buriel NHS Lost Friends of Batch 1980 (Submitted By Cherrylene T. Viola-Monreal)
29. Teresita Pamintuan, Conception Santos, Elena Olaes, Glenda Perillo NHS Lost Friends of Batch 1975. (Submitted By Editha Alix Magat)
30. Alfredo (Bong) Rosadino Serrano' Birthparents (Submitted By Joycelyn Espiritu David at or Alfredo (Bong) Rosadino Serrano at
31. Henry Joson NHS Lost Friend Batch 81 IV-3 (Submitted By Batch 81)
32. Melanie Verde NHS Lost Friend Batch 85 IV-1 (Submitted By Ma. Cecilia Chua Pascual)
33. NHS Lost Friends from Batch 1986: Silverio Cid, Paul Baladad, Ma. Fe Quibic & Elmer Reyes
(Submitted By Ferdie Mar Abesamis)
34. Wanted Batch 1989 specially the PIE BUNCH of Class IV-1 (Submitted By: Maryknoll Bathan-Zamora)
35. Ma. Antoinette SJ. Maningas NHS Lost Friend Batch 1990 (Submitted By Loida Baylon Sevilla)
36.  Cornelio "Jessie" Angeles NHS Lost Friend Batch 1980 Section 1 (Submitted By: Josh L. Ampil)
37. Emmanuel Francia Garcia NHS Lost Friend Batch 1990 Section 1 (Submitted By Claudette Lirio Serrano-Raymundo)
38. CLASS OF 1989 IV-I "THE MATADORS" & "PIE BUNCH" (Submitted By Arvin B. Angeles)
39. Leticia Mananquil, Florinda Dumo, Lolita Dimaano, Marineth all from Batch 1974 (Submitted By Jane Manahan Alberto)
40. Norberto Taguba & Ronald Catacutan both from Batch 1986 Section 3 (Submitted By Jonel Alegre)
41. Rebecca Baraceros Batch 1976 (Submitted By Myrna Manzano)
42. Class of 1974: Asher Elenzano, Eduardo Cuizon, Glenda Perillo ( now a high school principal?), Teresita Pamintuan, Elena Olaez, Petronila Roldan, Arleen Salva, Precy Poblete (married to camagay - both batch 1974), Rosario Ignacio, Tony Guarino, Joselito Tomas (Submitted By Editha Alix Magat)

Please notify the website administrator to remove the request when you successfully reconnect with your friend or provided enough information. This will help keep these list updated. Thank you!

1. Art Gimelo Pagar Batch 1988
2. Arnold Carpio Batch 1982
3. Jeffrey Echano Batch 1985
4. Vergel Ramirez Batch 1985
5. Vangie Ibarra Batch 1978
6. Rebecca Madrigal Batch 1968

7. Laudemer Ilasin Batch 1981
8. David Cueson Batch 1981
9. Arnaldo Cando Batch 1986
10. Ronald Ducusin Batch 1986
11. Dolores Encarnacion Francisco 1977
12. Lilibeth R. Mamon Batch 1984


"Salamat Sa Inyong Lahat"
By Ronaldo Dalistan aka fLik Batch 1985

"Salamat Sa Inyong Lahat"

Bilang pagsunod sa nakakarami na ako na ang gumawa
Nitong maikling tula na sa puso ko ay nagmula
Isang makahulugan hindi mawari ng aking diwa
Ang nais ipahatid sa inyo mga kaibigan na aking nakasalamuha

Aking sisimulan ipakikilala at ng malaman nyo
Mga taong nagbigay kulay ng ating unang anibersaryo
Mga committees, mga taong bahagi na nahirang dito
Atin pong ikarangal at palakpakan naman po ninyo

Una sa listahan itong ating kagalang galang na chairman,
Direct from Japan, Virgilio Cruz yan ang kanyang ngalan
Galing sa Pinas naman ang may pagka wonder woman
Si Julie Sudla ang aming secretary, sa sipag at tyaga sya ay no. 1

Ang ating mga ingat yaman, susi ng kaban, sila ang may tangan
Cherrylene Viola-Monreal ang una at George Calicdan ang isa naman
Roll Call & Registration Committee ang sa kanya ay ibinigay
Enid Pablico-Casiño, ang pag-tulong walang patid at walang humpay

NHS Special Gift Committee ay tatlo naman sila
Sila ang nag-isip kung ano sa Pablik ang maganda
Sila ay si Ruben Esperanza na nasa Amerika,
Si Noi Buriel at si kasamang Norman Garcia

Finance Committee apat na tao ang magkakaugnay
Sila ay si Emmanuel Udtuhan, pag-follow up ay panay
Si Janette Ellson-Espinosa, si Mitch Andres Fujita Japan din sya day
At si Gloria Cecilia Galgana, hindi pahuhuli, galing naman ng Dubai

Registration & Raffle Prizes Committee, apat sila ang dami
Rickson Arches at Joselito Febrada ano ang inyong masasabi
May kasama pang Rick Flores at Carlos Sia na ang sipag naman talaga
Kaya nga salamat at matamis na ngiti ang sa inyoy igaganti nila

Nais ko ring tawagin ang mga nagkaisang magtulong tulong dito
Mga nag ambag John Clive Valena, Virgilio “Jun” Bilaw at Luisito Olero
Oooopps wag ko sanang kalimutan, meron pa at dalawa pa ito
Vladimir De Castro at si kaibigan at kaklase kong Si Obet Odulio

Sanay wala na akong nakalimutan na pasalamatan sa mga committees
This time ang wala naman dito, ay dapat namang magreets
Thanks a lot to our Website Administrator na nandun pa sa Tate
Chona Villafuerte-Go ang galing galing mo talaga mommy IC..

To our website past and present moderators, thank you rin po
Hindi ko na iisa isahin dahil baka magalit na sila sa akin dito
Basta ang aking masasabi, kaming lahat sa inyo ay saludo
Dahil Novaliches High School ay nakikilala na sa buong mundo

Salamat sa inyong lahat na nandito, nagbigay ng kanilang oras
Sa ating mga panauhin, mga naging guro natin, nakita ko at last
Salamat sa nagbigay ng pledges at gift items para sa pa-raffle
Kahit sa bisperas ng reunion, meron pa ring gifts na pahabol

Susunod na reunion, ating hintayin dahil ang taon ay mabilis
Announcement, tiyak makakarating sa inyo, yan ang aming promise
Basta may oras sa ating website ay mag-visit lang please
Ang naghihintay sa inyo, samahang magkakapatid

Hanggang dito na lang po, “PABaLIK Tanaw sa Ating Pinagmulan”
Ang Bagong Taon ay salubungin, pasalamatan ang Poong Maykapal
Ito po ang inyong lingkod na nahirang na Vice Chairman
Now a name, soon a legend, my name is Ronald Dalistan

(This was Ronaldo Dalistan's (NHSOC Reunion Committee Vice Chairman) Closing Remarks at NHS On-line Community's First Year Anniversary Celebration)



High School is definitely an important part of our lives and we want to know:

1. What was your NHS education experience like?
2. What was the emphasis of your high school education?
3. What kind of discipline was enforced?
4. What kind of literature did you experienced?
5. What is your most vivid memory of high school?
6. Do you have any school related stories from your batch? If so, what are they?
7. How has high school shaped your lives and your batchmate's lives? How has it changed? How is it affecting the lives of your own children and grandchildren?

Send me your stories today at or post them in our Member’s Lounge!

Please include: your name, batch/class year, location, and your e-mail address.
We look forward to sharing some fun and intriguing stories with you on the months ahead! THANK YOU!!

Any comments, suggestions and/or ideas are always appreciated. Please drop me a line at
Until the next update, take care and thank you all for your continued support!

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Thank you for your understanding & cooperation."
- Chona Villafuerte-Go Batch 1986
NHS On-line Community Website Administrator







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