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2009 grand alumni reunion theme "art" contest

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June 29, 2009

Voting for your favorite entry ended on Friday, July 10th, 2009, 12:00 Midnight Manila Time.

*Only one vote per individual was permitted.


As circularized in our latest global reunion announcement, determining the majority’s favorite reunion theme artwork from the official entries received for use in our 2009 Grand Reunion scheduled this coming December 27, 2009 (Sunday at 1:00 PM), at the day of closing (July 10th, Friday Manila Time) the contest has received 82  votes from our members. Of the 82 votes received the top 3 entries were:  (Top 1) Entry#8 Created By Ronaldo “Ike” Orbillo Batch 87  with 28.05% votes (or 23 voters); (Top 2) Entry#2 Created By Emmanuel “Manny” Ison Batch 86 with 18.29%  votes (or 15 voters); and (Top 3) Entry #1 Created By Virgilio “Jun” Bilaw Jr. Batch 85 with 10.98% votes (or 9 voters). 

Voting result details below:



Artist Name

No. of Votes




Ronaldo "Ike" Orbillo '87





Emmanuel "Manny" Ison '86





Virgilio "Jun" Bilaw Jr. '85





Florencia Poblete-Enriquez '70





Jaime A. Balanay '87





Cecilia Camagay-Habla '72





Manuel Bilaw '87





Conrado D. Camagay '68





Eugene "Gene" Almeria '85





Manuel Jose D. Camagay '78





Total No. of Votes/Voters




Congratulations to our 1st prize winner Mr. Ronaldo “Ike” Orbillo Batch 87, he will receive a cash prize of P2,000. Great job Ike!!
Entry #8: "Taga Pablik ako... Masarap balik-balikan ang masayang kahapon ng kabataan."
(Click On The Thumbnail To View A Larger Image)

And to all the artists who sent in their entries: Conrado D. Camagay Batch 1968; Florencia Poblete-Enriquez Batch 1970; Cecilia D. Camagay-Habla Batch 1972; Manuel Jose D. Camagay Batch 1978; Eugene "Gene" Almeria Batch 1985; Virgilio "Jun" Bilaw Jr. Batch 1985; Emmanuel "Manny" Ison Batch 1986; Jaime Balanay Batch 1987; Manuel Bilaw Batch 1987; Ronaldo "Ike" Orbillo Batch 1987, kudos to all of you!!

Incidentally, few of the voters Mer Camagay Jr. ’74 and Agnes Araniego Delos Reyes ’79 suggested that we made available these reunion theme artwork into reunion t-shirts as fund raisers for our Grand Reunion -- we’ll definitely keep you posted as to the details, later on.

The contest votes were made directly to our NHSOC website at the following link, and was validated and counted by yours truly, together with our Elite MOD Ms. Thess Bajandi Batch 82 (thanks Thess!!):


Okay folks we all know for a fact that we're pressed against time and we request everyone’s active participation. So, here's how we hope to bring the success to our upcoming grand reunion planning:

 Those in the Reunion Committee will start to have meetings (via telephone conference, email, online ym chats), start making our contact information sheet and update them as necessary. We will also be compiling any recent contact information you submitted on those contact sheets.  I’ll announce the committee names next time.

And just in case you don't look like you did during your high school days,  no worries, name tags would of course be provided during the reunion so please don't forget to confirm your participation no later than Monday, November30th, 2009. 

We are currently working on the catering to determine approximate costs per head and communicate this information to all members & interested reunion participants as soon as possible. I would like to thank Tes Manuel Batch 74 for referring the catering services of Evelyn Geronimo Batch 76. So far, that’s the only catering menu quote I’ve received so far. I’m still waiting for the other quotes from members of the reunion committee and hope to decide on the catering details by the middle of August.

I'll be doing the Web information update and global email announcements of course while the Committee will also be sending snail emailing to reunion participants if and as they have confirmed.

Then and Now

I would like to put out a plea for everyone to drop your high school memories with me and for some of you that have already sent me photos, thanks!! But I still have not received most of them, so keep them coming please.

The photos on our photo gallery submitted by NHSOC members located at are only a small fraction of our registered members. In time I hope to add the rest. This sample includes those for whom we have an email address; are attending the reunion; and/or have sent pictures.

Remember our then pictures? We are all 16 year olds trapped in those bodies. And for some of us, life can be so cruel...hehehe (grins!!!). And if you are not happy with your "now" photos or I don't have one of yours, please be sure to get in front of my lens and send me those pictures by email at To me this is one of the most interesting ways to view our many beautiful members as they matured over the years...

I hope you could all join us at the reunion and at the very least I hope you will send me a recent picture, a short bio, and a list of memories to add to our high school memories webpage.



For our Giving Back Project, we are currently hoping to raise funds to help finance the window blinds for our e-Library that would cost us about P60,000 for the 5 window panels.

Special Thanks To The Following

For the $$ support:

1. Eugene Almeria Batch 85
2. Rolando Favor Batch 86

For Cash Pledges:
1. Rodney Promentilla Batch 77

and I have about 8 pledges more from members who wanted to remain anonymous.

You all need to be thinking of an appropriate cheer for this wonderful bunch and I'll lead you on it. (smiles!!!)

 Also, plans for creating a special grand reunion webpage is very much on the way very soon and I'm really excited 'coz I get to collect all the wonderful accolades.

 Don't forget to inform as many NHSOC members & other NHS alumni as possible to email us. There are many members we haven't heard from.

 URGENT!!! Please respond to with confirmation and your contact information NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30TH, 2009.

Again, we would like to encourage everyone to please try and use your phones to call your classmates or send them email to invite them all to attend on December 27, 2009 Sunday at 1PM Novaliches High School Covered Court.

People ... this is going to be fun!

We have accomplished much these past years after NHS and distinguished ourselves far beyond our numbers.

Reading some of your e-mails remembering your high school years has brought back nostalgic yearnings of a far simpler world that no longer exists ... a world where sneaking a cigarette, cutting class were the biggest high school offense and the United Nations Day held on our high school ground was a vision of idyllic hope for mankind.

Today, I am reminded of our achievements and remain proud of not only what was, but also of what is. I also remain confident of what will be. It's reassuring to know that NHS Spirit is never forgotten. 

NHS 45th Foundation Year Reunion Theme: “Taga-pablik ako…Masarap Balik-Balikan Ang Masayang Kahapon Ng Kabataan.”

Warmest regards and all the best for a fun reunion.

Thanks to the following for casting their votes:


# Date Name Batch Vote Entry# Comments
1 6/30/2009 Chona Go 1986 8 Love the taglines. it's simple yet very meaningful....and very catchy too! ^_^ Also, I see its concept design completely reflecting what NHS has been about for most alumni and for the whole NHS population - including teachers, current students, & incoming generations of students. To everyone who submitted their entries, my congratulations...Kudos to all of you!! Your entries are all winners!! (thumbs up!!!)
2 6/30/2009 Jonas Cabreza Maceda 1981 3  
3 6/30/2009 Lelani Bayato-Alfonso 1981 4 i like the concept - simple and appropriate for the occasion
4 6/30/2009 Joseph Salvador Agustin 1978 8 The entry is simple but with a lot of meaning and its still represent that our school still the best and own by the publik
5 6/30/2009 Ma. Delia Mangana-Flores 1978 6 the image speaks for itself....
6 6/30/2009 Gloria Sta. Rosa Mante 1970 2  
7 6/30/2009 Jennifer Logan Custodio 1974 5 I chose Entry 5 because I believe that it is the art work of my beloved batch. I hope I am right. He is an excellent artist!
9 6/30/2009 William P. Ngayan 1974 8 All great entries.
10 6/30/2009 Abigail Faye S. Ison 2009 2 Siempre si papa yan e he he
11 6/30/2009 Noe D. Clavecilla 1986 2 Ka batch ko yan, ka Dancer pa
12 6/30/2009 Alfredo S. Reyes 1986 2 hi tech ang dating
13 6/30/2009 Eugene Albert dela fuente Almeria 1985 6 Honestly, I choose entry #1... and I know that will win the contest. Kaya lang may entry kasi ako kaya I have to love my own... 
14 6/30/2009 Armando Tamayao 1974 10 Just barely looking at the logo, It's eye-catching & colorful (symbol of our youth),I can feel the burning excitement here. I like the captions, though I can still see some improvements if we'll gonna combine some of entrants ideas. Congrats to all, for me you are all winners!!! 
15 6/30/2009 Virgilio Q. Cruz 1985 4 All entries were exceptional indeed! Magaling po lahat....yung binoto ko binase ko sa concept reality, elegance, objective consistency, judgement point ko din ang simplicity..whew pero hirap magselect may the best entry wins..gud luck po sa lahat ng entries and congratulations sa mananalo..
16 6/30/2009 Nelia Valenzuela Simplicio 1979 7 All the entries are very creative. So, it is hard to choose one but there should be a winner. For me entry no.7 is outstanding it brings me sparkling memories of my youth, innocence, and yes purity! Whoever made it congrats! what an amazing design.
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 0 Vote; #2: 4 Votes; #3: 1 Vote; #4: 2 Votes; #5: 2 Votes; #6: 2 Votes; #7: 1 Vote; #8: 3 Votes; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 1 Vote
1 7/1/2009 Joselito F. Febrada 1985 2 bonggang bongga, swak na swak
2 7/1/2009 Nena Hernandez Pineda 1974 8 It describes how proud we are to be amongst the graduate of NHS. Very well done!
3 7/1/2009 Emmanuel C. Ison 1986 2 it's my art
4 7/1/2009 Eugene E. Salazar 1992 2 ok ang design
5 7/1/2009 Thess Bajandi 1982 1 I like Entry #3... ganda ng design, the colors perfectly match with the graphical illustration and most of all, the concept is very true. However, if I were to follow the rules set that the artwork should promote NHS, its legacy, its present and future, Entry #1 fits all the qualifications!! Its so simple yet its all in there! Hence, my vote goes to Entry #1. Congratulations to all!!
6 7/1/2009 Jubert Daniel Alberto 1996 8 the design instills pride in our shared NHS roots, self-discovery and life lessons that we've learned during our stay.
7 7/1/2009 Janette Ellson-Espinosa 1985 1 I like entry # 1 because it completely tells about NHS... Congratulations to all the participants. They're all really talented....
8 7/1/2009 Susan Dugayo-Soria 1974 2 Pinoy na pinoy ang dating... Ang saya saya noh!
9 7/1/2009 Angelo George S. Calicdan 1983 1 simple but very well explained.
10 7/1/2009 Rosario Ignacio-Lovejoy 1974 7  
11 7/1/2009 Cherrylene Viola-Monreal 1980 3 "KNOWLEDGE TAKES FLIGHT" - once equipped with good education, we can always reach heights...doesn't matter how high it could for improvement is the biggest room of all…
12 7/1/2009 Corazon D. Virtudes-Milanes 1986 7 I LIKE THE CONCEPT.
13 7/1/2009 Maricris Raymundo Samarita 1997 4 I like the design and color combination. In addition, how it was represented since it shows being a nationalistic and how we evolve as an individual as time goes on...
14 7/1/2009 Virgilio Castro Bilaw Jr. 1985 1 The design represents almost all of the angles and highlights of the coming events. Although it’s simple and humble in color but detailed and accuracy are well represented. All objects and elements found in poster entry have significance
15 7/1/2009 Ronaldo A. Dalistan 1985 8 simple lang ang pagkakagawa at nakalagay doon sa nakalipas na 45 taon ng pagsisikap ng mga kabataang nagsipag-aral sa paaralang kinagisnan
16 7/1/2009 Leah Reyes Kagahastian 1986 8 simple lang cya....pero malakas ang dating…
17 7/1/2009 Edwin V. Ducusin 1986 8 All is very catching and creative design,but I choose entry #8.Sayang hindi ako nakasali..Artist of the year pa naman ako batch 86.He.He...Congrats to all entries!!!
18 7/1/2009 Rodney Tomada Promentilla 1977 9 It clearly shows that with the knowledge you acquired in public, there are no limits or barriers to what you can do.
19 7/1/2009 Roel M. Ducusin 1986 2 futuristic
20 7/1/2009 Thoy Villafuerte 1976 8  
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 4 Votes; #2: 5 Votes; #3: 1 Vote; #4: 1 Vote; #5:0 Votes; #6: 0 Votes; #7: 2 Votes; #8: 6 Votes; #9: 1 Vote; #10: 0 Vote
1 7/2/2009 Revor Z. Jose 1997 2 Mabuhay Pablik
2 7/2/2009 Donna Francisco Capili 1992 3 congrats!!!
3 7/2/2009 Cleo Buranday 1974 8  
4 7/2/2009 Arlyn Doroin Dela Cruz 1986 6 Hi Chona, I am voting for entry no. 6. Thanks for your continuously updating us.
5 7/2/2009 Ramon Prejillana Flores IV 1986 2 Ang hirap pong mamili,lahat ay magaganda at talagang pinag aksayahan ng oras at talento.
6 7/2/2009 Precy Poblete Camagay 1974 10 bursts of colors show eagerness in each of us wanting to come back to our very own alma mater no matter where we've been through what we've become nhs is a part of us
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 0 Vote; #2: 2 Votes; #3: 1 Vote; #4: 0 Vote; #5:0 Vote; #6: 1 Vote; #7: 0 Vote; #8: 1 Vote; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 1 Vote
1 7/3/2009 Jonathan Cayari Ison 1990 2 kakaiba...corny pero kasi kapatid ko
2 7/3/2009 Mamerto D. Camagay Jr 1974 8 This one caught my fancy. There's enough imagination in it to dare being different from the rest. Unfortunately, the initials NHS is almost unrecognizable. It makes it the more interesting, though, to improve upon. I like the tribal curls and curves, and the play of color - a shade of brown would make a good option for silver gray. May i comment as well on the other entries?
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 0 Votes; #2: 1 Vote; #3: 0 Vote; #4: 0 Vote; #5:0 Vote; #6: 0 Vote; #7: 0 Vote; #8: 1 Vote; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 0 Vote
1 7/4/2009 Daniel G. Bautista 1982 1 maganda lahat ng entry, lumabas ang creativity ng mga nagpadala ng entry pero as for me da best ang entry no.1, simple at mahusay ang concept ng ginawa nya. kip up the gud work. God bless.
2 7/4/2009 Ma. Luisa Clamor-Calalang 1973 3  
3 7/4/2009 Ronaldo Orbillo 1987 8  
4 7/4/2009 Erlinda Manankil Fernando 1974 2  
5 7/4/2009 Jaime Balanay 1987 4  
6 7/4/2009 Jane Templonuevo Abarientos 1992 1  
7 7/4/2009 Connie Villafuerte-Tungpalan 1981 8 All the designs are great. But entry #8 brings the best (past to present) about NHS.
8 7/4/2009 Tetchie M. Recuenco 1974 7  
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 2 Votes; #2: 1 Vote; #3: 1 Vote; #4: 1 Vote; #5:0 Vote; #6: 0 Vote; #7: 1 Vote; #8: 2 Votes; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 0 Vote
1 7/5/2009 Ronaldo Rollan Mandocdoc 1986 4  
2 7/5/2009 Editha Alix Magat 1974 3  
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 0 Vote; #2: 0 Vote; #3: 1 Vote; #4: 1 Vote; #5:0 Vote; #6: 0 Vote; #7: 0 Vote; #8: 0 Vote; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 0 Vote
1 7/7/2009 Ferdinand P. Nolasco 1986 8  
2 7/7/2009 Achilles Miltiades Diaz Buriel 1979 3  
3 7/7/2009 Carlos Mariano 1976 7  
4 7/7/2009 Leonila Ramirez-Jazul 1985 6  
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 0 Vote; #2: 0 Vote; #3: 1 Vote; #4: 0 Vote; #5:0 Vote; #6: 1 Vote; #7: 1 Vote; #8: 1 Vote; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 0 Vote
1 7/8/2009 Antonio Batingal Aviles 1990 1 hi classmates
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 1 Vote; #2: 0 Vote; #3: 0 Vote; #4: 0 Vote; #5:0 Vote; #6: 0 Vote; #7: 0 Vote; #8: 0 Vote; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 0 Vote
1 7/10/2009 Donna Rose T. Calderon 2003 8  Go! Pablik. Aim High.
2 7/10/2009 Liza Valez Salvatierra 1997 2  
3 7/10/2009 Jeffrey Alix 1987 1  
4 7/10/2009 Arnold A. Azaña 1974 8  I go for #8 bec i find to be just casual, very informal but quite sensible. It pictures the very essence of "coming home".
5 7/10/2009 Albert C. Malsi 1981 8  
6 7/10/2009 Christine Chico Piga 1982 10  
7 7/10/2009 Necita Caliwag-Go 1973 8  
8 7/10/2009 Jacinta Agnes Araniego Delos Reyes 1979 8 pinili ko ang entry na ito dahil ipinakita nito ang original color ng ating school uniform at proud tayongsabihin na " taga pablik ako" at kasama na syempre how the artist defines his entry and what it's like to be an ALUMNI OF NHS. during those days na tatanungin tayo "san ka nag-aaral?" di natin sinasagot ng NHS but "sa PABLIK" though lahat ng entry ay deseving manalo dahil sa magandang concept and designs. God bless sa lahat...
9 7/10/2009 Gerrie May A. Amodia 1984 10 Way to go my dearest NHS family!!!
10 7/10/2009 Ronaldo Real 1985 1  
11 7/10/2009 Eladio B. Abquina, Jr. 1976 5  
12 7/10/2009 Leonidas Jupia Lumotan 1991 8  
13 7/10/2009 Maria Carolina Celino Reyes 1989 8 when is the grand reunion?
14 7/10/2009 Ricky Ceron 1989 4 simply is the best
15 7/10/2009 Melanie Abenoja-Driver 1984 7  
16 7/10/2009 Elizabeth Ramos Cuepo 1977 8  
17 7/10/2009 Yolando L. Francisco 1979 7 Simple but may Dating. Thanks
18 7/10/2009 Manny Camagay 1978 7  
19 7/10/2009 Rolando Esguerra 1974 4 My vote is for entry #4. 
20 7/10/2009 Ma. Blessina O. Extra 1989 10 Simple and the original logo of publik remains
21 7/10/2009 Fabian Duque 1977 2 It clearly shows NHS from the the past, present and future days.
22 7/10/2009 Wally Bernabe 1979 5 I like the representation of the torch & reservoir, The memories are coming back to me as well as true picture of the future which is the light. 
23 7/10/2009 Maria Criselda Rebuldela-Sy 1983 8 am voting for entry no.8. thanks
Daily Total Entry # Counts: #1: 2 Votes; #2: 2 Votes; #3: 0 Vote; #4: 2 Votes; #5:2 Votes; #6: 0 Vote; #7: 3 Votes; #8: 9 Votes; #9: 0 Vote; #10: 3 Votes

Hint: The theme artwork should promote Novaliches High School -- its legacy, its present, and its future.


Congratulations to the following NHSOC members for their official entry submissions:
Conrado D. Camagay Batch 1968; Florencia Poblete-Enriquez Batch 1970; Cecilia D. Camagay-Habla Batch 1972; Manuel Jose D. Camagay Batch 1978; Eugene "Gene" Almeria Batch 1985; Virgilio "Jun" Bilaw Jr. Batch 1985; Emmanuel "Manny" Ison Batch 1986; Jaime Balanay Batch 1987; Manuel Bilaw Batch 1987; Ronaldo "Ike" Orbillo Batch 1987

NOTE: We will post their names together with their official entry submissions on July 13th, Monday when we announce the winning entry. Good luck everyone!

Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3
Entry #4
Entry #5
Entry #6
Entry #7
Entry #8
Entry #9
Entry #10

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Entry#1: An Institution. Foundation. Inspiration. High Goal For The Alumni...Welcome Home"
By Virgilio "Jun" Bilaw Jr. Batch 1985
(Click On The Thumbnail To View A Larger Image)

Over the years, Novaliches High School has been an institution that served as the foundation and inspiration for students and the alumni. With high goals, it enabled many alumni to become successful in their chosen career thus, also helping inspire current NHS students. Now, on its 45th Foundation year whatever life or path the alumni has taken, successful or not, and wherever he maybe,  with open arms Novaliches High School welcomes them back home.

Design: On this design, the artist tried to conceptualize all the elements of the NHS legacy -- reaching far beyond, THE LEAVES represent the goals of the alumni while THE DOVE guides the leaves (or the alumni goals) to the right path. Since our many high school memories stem from our 1st-4th year stay in NHS, these special memories were included in the design as the 4-STEPS STAIRWAY.
The 2 POSTS serve as the foundation that characterizes Novaliches High School as the strong foundation of the alumni thru the years. THE ROOF served as everyone's protection while the ground represents those alumni who strived their best, reached their goals and remained grounded amidst their successes. Waving proudly in the sky is THE PHILIPPINE FLAG that instills alumni nationalism wherever part of the globe the alumni is currently based. THE NHS LOGO represents our alma mater and always here to support of course, is the Novaliches High School ON-line Community that is represented in the design by THE NHSOC LOGO.

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Entry #2:
"Sama-sama Together Sa Pablik Forever!"
By Emmanuel "Manny" Ison Batch 1986
(Click On The Thumbnail To View A Larger Image)

Concept: "Sama-sama together, sa Pablik Forever" -- sa pandinig pa lamang ay siguradong gaganahan ka na. Tama ang tunog at bigkas na parang tula, tanda ng muling pagsasama-sama. Ang salitang "PABLIK" naman ay nakaukit na sa isipan ng mga Alumni, na ito rin ang naging bukambibig ng mga Novaleño bilang pangalan ng Novaliches High School sa payak na katawagan. "Forever", nangangahulugan na ang NHS ay magpakailanman at di matitibag ng anu pa man o sino pa man.

Design: EARTH - panahon, habang lumilipas ang mga taon mula ng itinatag ang NHS ay muling babalikang tanaw nang mga Alumni. PLANET- Ang NHS ay tila isang planeta na dating narating at nilisan upang harapin ang bagong kabanata sa pag-aaral, at ngayon nama'y babalikan ng mga masisikap na mga Alumni. SATTELITE- Isang aparato ng komunikasyon na gumagabay sa Planet NHS upang matupad ang mga pangarap ng mga mag-aaral , nakapaloob dito ang ilang mga imahe ng kaligayahang lumipas at ng mga kagalang-galang na namuno ng paaralan. SHUTTLE- Lumalarawan sa isang mabilis na makina upang madaling marating ng mga Alumni ang muling pag-sasama-sama kahit na sila ay nasa ibang bansa pa. CLOCK- Mapapansin sa imahe na may kamay ng orasan na nagpapahiwatig na sa bawat tikatik ng orasan ang mga Alumni ay naka subaybay sa paaralan at handang sumuporta rito sa abot ng kanilang makakaya. HEAVEN- Mapapansin ang paghalu ng dilim at liwanag na lumalarawan sa araw at gabi, habang ang NHS ay laging naririyan upang magbigay karunungan magpakailanman. PATH RAYS- Mapapansin na ang liwanag na daang kulay puti ay dating nanggaling sa Planet NHS at muling babalik rito matapos dumaan sa mundo ng panahon. Lumalarawan ito sa mga mag-aaral noon na muling babalik upang makitang muli ang paaralan at pagbabago nito. HEAVENLY BODIES- Napili ng artist ang konseptong ito di lamang sa mahilig siya rito, kundi dahil na rin sa ang panahon ngayon ay makabago na at sumasabay na rin tayo sa Agham ng Teknolohiya.


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Entry#3 : "Knowledge Takes flight" By Cecilia Camagay Habla Batch 1972

Taking off from the original school logo of a book illuminated by a torch, the book in this design transforms into wings, and takes off into the vast open skies. This is what knowledge brings to an eager mind – a flight that will change our horizons forever.

A simple, graphical illustration of book pages turning into a pair of wings and taking flight, hovering over the world. On the foreground is a stem budding with young leaves, for every success NHS has achieved – and there
were many, with a lot more coming.

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Entry #4: "Together, we'll build a better, brighter nation." By Jaima A. Balanay Batch 1987

Concept: Having experienced Brigada Eskwela few years ago, the artist came up with the concept of the reunion as a celebration with full of positive energies. Further, he believes that NHS alumni working together can achieve a better goal, a better future for our nation -- not just with our fellow alumni but also with our fellow countrymen and globally, with all the other races.

Design: (A) THE DOVE: peace, and it's direction pointing upwards to represent - "positivity". (B) ELEMENTS OF OUR FLAG: we enwrap the world with our pride, our ingenuity of being great Filipinos; it's also a celebration. (C) FILIPINOS: united wherever we go, the key to a better future; together in one certain goal. (D) GLOBE: a global celebration, wherever we may be. (E) SUN: brighter future.

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Entry#5:  The Torch & Reservoir By Conrado D. Camagay Batch 1968

Concept: The artist is giving back the limelight to the NHS school organ, The Reservoir. It is a most appropriate representation of what our Alma Mater stands for: a beacon of light, a torch to illuminate the path of young minds; at the same time being a reservoir -  a fountain richly overflowing with all good things for those willing to seek.

Design: Much as the yellow object appears as a torchlight, it is also an exact representation of huge water reservoir commonly used in the Middle East (samples below) where the commodity is scarce. The artist is inspired to see these water towers as our beloved school, standing tall, firm and consistently abundant to equip its students thru a lifetime of prominence.

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Entry #6 : "Sama-sama sa Pagkakaisa...Pablik nating Mahal...Isulong Na!" By Eugene Almeria Batch 1985

Concept: Graduates of Novaliches High School regardless of what they have achieved in life should show their support and concern to their beloved alma mater. As it helps current students of NHS and also the incoming generations of students, the design concept wholeheartedly salutes the men and women of NHS who are already showing their interest and concern in this objective.  Further,  the artist eagerly shares in his design the following insights with other fellow alumni, "We should always remember that we are once those students, we are now aiming to help... NHS, Mabuhay ka!"

Design: THE WHOLE PICTURE: is all about the happiness in the hearts of generally, all the former students of Novaliches High School from batch of 1960’s to 2009. THE LOGO (at the center): represents the school itself being shadowed by the length of its 45 years' existence and its good service to the community. THE FOUR (4) INDIVIDUALS represent various location in the world, where some of the former products of NHS reached and attained their goals, through hardship and perseverance. THE DOVE: represents the invitation of peace and harmony to all the graduates of Novaliches High School. THE PUZZLE: represents the world, not only in its physical aspect but mostly "the camaraderie" through attentive interaction of every graduates of NHS where its primary goal is not only to know each other through our on-line community,  but also to help the present and incoming students of Novaliches High School -- thus, proudly saying, "LONG LIVE OUR ALMA MATER"!!!!!

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Entry#7 : "Pure" - NHS: 45 Sparkling Years By Florencia Poblete Enriquez Batch 1970

NHS is perfectly analogous to a water reservoir – a tank, a pool,  a basin or even a lake - all of which keep precious water for safe, productive consumption. In much the same way, NHS is a generous storage of one other important commodity: knowledge. But much as it stores, it also provides. It flows. It nourishes, even as it flourishes. It is like a fountain, a vessel where young minds are immersed in the purity of knowledge  and values, refined and polished in order to flow competitively, responsibly, and conscientiously towards the world and the environment.  

Design: NHS is the golden basin, the focal point of the artwork. It is a mystical reservoir, a representation of a perpetual source of good. The artist wanted to project an image that suggests the crystal-clear purity of water, sustaining its surroundings with sparkling breaths  of life.

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Entry #8: "Taga Pablik ako... Masarap balik-balikan ang masayang kahapon ng kabataan."
By Ronaldo "Ike" Orbillo Batch 1987
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Salitang "Taga Pablik ako!" - ipinag-sisigawan at taas noong ipinag-mamalaki na tayo ay naging bahagi ng NHS. Salitang "Masarap balik-balikan ang masayang kahapon ng kabataan" - ipinahihiwatig nito ang pagbabalik-tanaw sa nakalipas, na sadyang hindi malilimutan ang masaganang binhi ng nakaraan.

Design: NHS SILHOUETTE: Ito'y simbolo na matabang lupa o "Mother Nature" at haligi ng NHS na may matibay na pundasyon. PANDAY: Kumakatawan sa sarili, guro, studyante na malakas, maliksi, matalino, na humuhubog sa mga kabataang susunod na henerasyon ng NHS. Ipanapakita rin dito ang pag uugali ng NHS, Mapagkumbaba, mapanalangin at nagsisikap na abutin ang magandang kinabukasan. PUTING PUSO: Kumakatawan sa busilak na puso, at sa pagbibigay ng magandang halimbawa. HAMMER: Simbulo ng pamamaraan sa pag-hulma ng isang katauhan para magkaroon ng kalidad na obra o produkto ng NHS. WORKING TABLE: Makikita na tayo ay palaaral, mapanalangin, masaliksik, mahilig sa pampalakasan at tayo ngayon ay laging nananalo sa mga pampaligsahan. FORTY-FIVE (45) YEARS: Apat-na-put limang taon na matatag at mayabong na taon ng NHS. COLOR HARMONY: Original uniform color orange of NHS. Ginto ang kulay na siya ring ginamit sa logo ng 45 years para maging mahalaga sa kasaysayan ng NHS.

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Entry#9: "No Borders" - Novaliches High School Shining Thru the World By Manuel Jose D. Camagay Batch 1978

Concept: Over the past 45 years, NHS has proven its competence in producing excellent alumni that stood world-class competition in various fields. Call it luck, call it break, call it influence or by any other excuses, one truth remains – the NHS factor, the anvil that molded and forged the person to brave distant worlds without borders, no reins, nor barriers.

Design: Adhering to the concept, the artist played out with various reference to the ‘no borders’ catchphrase:  the glittering star shines from the Far East, our homeland. The compass directions N (North) and S (South) came fittingly at opposite ends of the globe, with H (hemisphere?) added in between to complete the initials NHS. The 2-dimensional band surrounding the globe simulates the symbol for infinity. The artist believe there’s no limit to what a Pablik alumni can achieve.

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Entry#10: "Isang Simula..Malayo Ang Narating...Magkikita Pa Rin...Taga-Pablik Ako!!!" By Manuel Bilaw Batch 1987

Concept: Catchy & amusing, it hopes to have a direct impact to all alumni as the artist sums up his strong feelings and excitement  thru the phrase "Isang Simula..Malayo Ang Narating...Magkikita Pa Rin...Taga-Pablik Ako!!!"  towards the upcoming Grand Reunion.

Design: The bursting NHS logo shows "PANANABIK" - willingness, eagerness of the alumni to show up or to join and participate in the upcoming reunion. SIMULA - we all have the same beginning which is thru NHS while the rest of our experiences become part of the richness of our NHS history. MALAYO ANG NARATING - in achieving their goals, each alumni traveled different roads and many have gone thru many obstacles far and beyond. MAGKIKITA PA RIN - wherever life leads you, everyone is welcome to come back and get together again with their long lost friends. TAGA PABLIK AKO!!! - our alumni pride, that conveys unity of belonging to the same alma mater, Novaliches High School.

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June 16, 2009

Dear NHS On-line Community members, family and friends:

Good day everyone!!

Last week I posted an announcement on our NHSOC website for a reunion theme art contest in anticipation for our Grand Alumni Reunion on December 27, 2009 (Sunday) at NHS campus, in celebration of NHS 45th Foundation year. Since the announcement was posted too close to the Independence Day Non-Working Holiday in the Philippines (where some members access their emails only at work) I have received several requests yesterday to extend the submission deadline. Therefore, we will leave the submission entry open until next Friday, the 26th of June 2009, midnight Manila Time. :thumbsup Alumni members who have already submitted their reunion theme entry may want to exploit this extra time to further enhance their entry. :wink:

For more information, please read our previous announcement below (please note however of the extended deadline to June 26, 2009 , in case you didn’t get a chance to read it. Important information in bold.

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June 7, 2009

Dear NHS On-line Community members, family and friends:

NHSOC is holding an art contest to determine the theme for this year’s Novaliches High School Grand Alumni Reunion 2009, in celebration of NHS’ 45th Foundation Year. The winning theme will also be on all of our official invitations and programs.

All NHS alumni are invited to join the contest. Please email me your entry at , with subject “NHS Reunion Theme Art Contest Entry”, no later than Friday, June 19th, 2009 (Manila Time). All entries received by the deadline will be posted on our NHSOC homepage at by Monday, June 22nd, 2009 so everyone can vote for their favorite.

This reunion theme will tie the elements of our reunion together. Hence, we need a clever, inventive theme artwork that can increase appeal and attendance to our Grand Alumni Homecoming.

Hint: The theme artwork should promote Novaliches High School -- its legacy, its present, and its future.

This is not your average reunion, so put your thinking caps on! There is a cash prize involved, P2,000.00 in cash for the winning entry. [smilie=a_bravo.gif] Talented individuals who are up to the challenge are invited to submit their own designs and a short narrative (a depiction of your reunion theme artwork) by email at, no later than June 19th, 2009.

Please include the following when submitting your entry:
1. Name
2. Batch/Class Year
3. Artwork Narrative

Good luck everyone!! :cheers

To get updates on our upcoming Grand Alumni Homecoming, please visit our NHSOC forum titled “NHS Grand Reunion 2009” at

or visit the forum directly at:

Best Regards,
Chona Villafuerte-Go NHS Batch 1986
NHS On-line Community Website Administrator

Note: This message, including any attachments if any, is from Novaliches High School On-line Community (NHSOC). This is not a solicitation of any order to buy or sell. The information contained herein is deemed to be reliable but is in no way warranted by us as to accuracy or completeness. Messages are monitored and retained by NHSOC, but NHSOC cannot guarantee the security of this message. The NHSOC, and its members, may not accept orders to affect purchase or sale transactions, accept funds, or similar instructions via this email. If you are not the intended recipient of this message promptly delete this message and notify the sender of the delivery error by return email. You may not forward, print, copy, distribute, or use the information in this message if you are not the intended recipient.
"The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web." ~Pablo Picasso~

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